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Real Milk Paint Clear Carnauba Wax Paste

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Real Milk Paint Co.
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 Real Milk Paint Clear Carnauba Wax Paste ($20.99) In Stock
Real Milk Paint’s Clear Carnauba Wax Paste gives a hard, high sheen finish that shows off painted and unpainted surfaces. The primary ingredient, carnauba wax, is made from the secretion of a Brazilian palm tree, and is prized all over the world and used widely in the food and cosmetic industries -- and as a coating for speed boat hulls and surfboards. The Clear Carnauba Paste Wax also includes beeswax, candelilla wax and a solvent (odorless isoparaffinic hydrocarbon). The finish will be hard without becoming tacky or sticky.

For best results, ensure that the surface you’re finishing is clean and free of other oils (if necessary wipe thoroughly with mineral spirits). Apply Clear Carnauba Wax Paste in a thin, even coat with a lint-free rag, allow to dry and then buff hard with a cloth or stiff brush. Repeat for an optional second coat.

Directions: When waxing over a clear finish Clean surface of all other oils and wax silicon’s by wiping thoroughly with mineral spirits or paint thinner. Apply a thin even coat of Clear Carnauba Wax Paste with a clean cloth. Allow to thoroughly dry. Buff surface with a clean cloth to even sheen. If necessary, reapply a second coat and buff.

Note: Like other wax finishes, Clear Carnauba Wax Paste Wax does not provide long term protection from water. Reapply at regular intervals for maximum protection.

Coverage: 16 oz. covers 150 sq. ft.

Made in the USA.

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