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BT&C Decorative Wrought Head Cut Nails

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All BT&C cut nails are made in the USA by The Tremont Nail Company, the oldest remaining cut nail maker in the USA, making nails since 1819.
If you purchase four or more packets of any type of nails you will get 10% off the purchase price.
Nails are sold by weight. The number given next to the item in parenthesis is an approximate count for the package.
 1/2 lb. 5/8" Decorative Wrought Head nails (~106) ($14.95) In Stock
 1/2 lb. 2d (1") Decorative Wrought Head nails (~103) ($14.95) In Stock
This style of cut nail is designed to simulate the hand-forged nails of the late 1700's. The head is three-sided and the nail has a black oxide coating. This style of nail is very popular for creating a traditional or antique look. It's found not only on restorations but also all sorts of rough-sawn interior and exterior siding, face-nailing flooring, batten doors, paneling, counter tops and cabinet work.
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Customer Reviews:
Just the thing to dress up a box
By: Dave Polaschek (Sep, 2022)
I often use these on the corners of the tops of boxes, just to add a little spiffiness to the box. They hold pretty well too. Either the 5/8 or 2d work great for that purpose, depending on the thickness of the top. Nearly everyone who sees a completed box will comment of the nails being a nice touch.
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