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Citrus Solvent by Real Milk Paint

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Real Milk Paint Co.
Found in Departments: Oils, Varnishes and Lacquers
  Real Milk Paint Co.
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 Citrus Solvent - 16 oz ($23.99) In Stock
 Citrus Solvent - 32 oz. ($40.99) In Stock
 Citrus Solvent - 1 Gal ($82.99) In Stock
98% pure citrus peel oil, 2% water, and 0% additive, the Real Milk Paint Citrus Solvent is a safer, more environmentally friendly, and better smelling replacement for mineral spirits and harsh degreasers. Real Milk Paint Citrus Solvent is much more highly refined than similarly marketed "citrus cleaners" - in fact RMP Citrus Solvent is as clear as water and will not change the color of paint or finishes when used as a thinner.

For woodworkers, the most popular use of Citrus solvent is mixed 1 to 1 with Real Milk Paint tung oil or dark tung oil to bring out the natural beauty of wood grain while protecting against water, and wear. In the Gramercy Workshop keeps a gallon in our solvent cabinet, where we use it as a replacement for higher toxicity cleaners and solvents.

As a cleaner, and de-greaser Real Milk Paint Citrus solvent makes an excellent brush cleaner (great for use with Gramercy Tools finishing brushes), a bike-chain degreaser, and sticker-goo remover. We've also used it as a back up hand cleaner for when things get really really messy.

While Citrus Solvent is much safer than odorless mineral spirits, you'll still want to use gloves and work in a ventilated area, as repeated exposure can develop sensitivities.

Citrus Solvent is Flammable: Keep containers tightly closed away from extreme temperature changes and open flames. As with all oils, rags, steel wool or waste soaked with oil, may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, place the oil soaked material in a sealed water-filled metal container or hang outside separately to dry.

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