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Liberon Earth Pigments

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Liberon Finishing Supplies
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 Mexico yellow - 100ml ($14.30) In Stock
 Burnt sienna - 100ml ($14.30) In Stock
Liberon earth pigments are what the company uses to tint their own finishes and pigmented waxes - powerful, very finely ground natural powders that come in a series of colors, including a variety of browns, reds, yellows and blacks.

Note: This is a product that has been discontinued by Liberon. We just received some of the importer's last bit of stock in a limited number of colors.

For the original range (not all colors available) click herecolor chart.

Bear in mind that these are scans of pictures of the pigments after being applied to a surface, and reflect extraneous textures that are not in the pigments themselves.) You can use them to either tint your own wax, modify the color of an existing wax, or to color a dry powder. For example, if you use traditional plaster of paris for grain filling, these pigments are a great way to tint the plaster to match any wood tone. They’re also great for coloring paint, grout and putty, etc.

100ml containers. Made in England.

For a copy of the safety data sheet (MSDS sheet) for this item - click here.
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