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W. D. Lockwood Water Based Misc. Dye Family

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W. D. Lockwood Water Based Misc. Dye FamilyW. D. Lockwood Water Based Misc. Dye Familycancelleft arrowright arrow
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Silver Gray(#92) - 1 oz. ($10.25) In Stock (MSDS)Silver Gray(#92)  - 1 oz.
Ebony Black(#327) - 1 oz. ($10.25) In Stock (MSDS)Ebony Black(#327)  - 1 oz.
Knotty Pine Golden Antique(#461) - 1 oz. ($10.25) In Stock (MSDS)Knotty Pine Golden Antique(#461)  - 1 oz.
Knotty Pine Gray Antique(#462) - 1 oz. ($10.25) In Stock (MSDS)Knotty Pine Gray Antique(#462)  - 1 oz.
Fruitwood(#898) - 1 oz. ($10.25) In Stock (MSDS)Fruitwood(#898)  - 1 oz.
Rosewood(#59) - 1 oz. ($11.65) In Stock (MSDS)Rosewood(#59)  - 1 oz.
W. D. Lockwood Dyes have set the standard for coloring and staining wood since their introduction in 1895. As true aniline dyes they feature a bold color palette and are available in dozens of shades. Click here for more information on W. D. Lockwood.

The color samples below show the stain in use in two color dilutions on a sample Birch board. The denser color on the left is a more typical 1 ounce of dye in 1 quart of hot water. The lighter stain on the right of each sample is a weaker 1 ounce of stain in 2 quarts of hot water. How your stain will ultimately appear on the finished piece depends on several factors: the dilution of the stain, the method by which it was applied, the absorbency of the material, how the top coat looks, etc. Always test your stains and finish before using them on your project. For more information on using Lockwood dyes click here

All packets are one ounce.
If you purchase any combination of four or more packets of dye, you’re entitled to a 10% discount! The discount is automatic and will show up as an entry in your basket.

Made in USA.
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owner of Michael Puryear Furnituremaker
By: Michael Puryear (Jun, 2014)
I have used Lockwood dyes for more than 25 years. They have a large selection of color to choose from and the customer service is excellent.
Best Dyes Available!
By: Kevin McGovern (Mar, 2014)
I have used these on and off for a few years now and love them!. TFWW is a great vendor and spot on for their usage. I like the water-based dyes a lot and only use distilled water, as a precaution. I don't grain-raise first--seems like an unnecessary first step, unless you're after just a very light tint to your wood. I initially sand with 150-grit (more smoothness seems to cut absorption. However, this can be used to advantage, except on maple which gets blotchier...) then soak the wood with the dye strength I have chosen. Only takes a couple of minutes to soak in well, then wipe dry; blue paper shop towels work great for this. Let dry overnight, sand with 320-grit, dust and re-dye; gives a great, deep, natural color. Another 24 hours or more to really set the dye, then it's some sanding sealer and a brushed/sprayed finish for a piano smooth gloss, or a nice rubbed-in finish for a more natural look. Otherwise, everything they say here is on the money. TEST ON SCRAP before you start! These stains vary, sometimes significantly, depending on how your monitor displays colors... Also a good idea to use glass kitchen measuring cups for consistency when figuring dilutions. Great product and supplier!
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