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Gramercy Tools Finishing Brushes for Waterborne Finishes

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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  Gramercy Tools
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Gramercy Tools Finishing Brushes for Waterborne Finishesplay video

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 1" wide x 7/16" ($33.00) In Stock
 2" wide x 9/16" ($48.00) Sold Out
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 3" wide x 11/16" ($69.00) In Stock
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Waterborne finishes are getting ever better and more popular every year. However natural hair brushes, no matter how great, (like our European Ox-Hair Gramercy Tools Finishing Brushes), do not work with waterborne finishes because natural fiber is hollow and water gets into the pores and makes the brush limp. The solution of course is an artificial fiber with the same basic characteristics as the natural fiber. These artificial "Badger hair" brushes are the same configuration is our natural brushes but are designed for waterborne finishes. We went searching far and wide to get incredibly fine artificial hair, even finer than European Ox, and far finer than what you would normally find in an average synthetic finishing brush. These brushes are also hand-made, so you get a thick brush, with no filler, with a voluptuous feel that has a huge capacity for finish. Even with a modern self-leveling finish, where brush marks aren't a major issue, using these brushes will give you a far longer stroke, with even finish distribution and few drips or messes, even around corners.

Our testers loved this brush for two main reasons: It holds a huge amount of material so you spend a lot less time going back to the can. "Flow is Awesome!" they said. The second reason was that you get a controlled release of material that allows you to finish quickly and easily.

Even if most of the time you spray your finishes certain operations such as finishing edging on pre-finished plywood make no sense to spray because of set up time. In these situations you can save lots of time using a good brush. For the occasional finisher a good brush is far more effective for finishing than an expensive spray rig. Unlike less expensive brushes which are treated as disposable one tester called these brushes "worth cleaning out" because the added performance he got with this brush.

Note: This brush is designed for waterborne finishes. The brush can be used for thin lacquer and shellac finishes but the fine artificial hair will clump up like wet hair after a shower. For those finishes use our European-Ox brushes.

Stainless Steel ferrule. Hand made in the USA from imported hair.
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Great brush
By: Keith (Jun, 2023)
I purchased the two inch brush to use with the Vermont Natural Coatings Poly Whey furniture finish, a water based finish. This brush is very soft, has not lost any bristles in my first three uses. The brush is pricey, but does work much better than the cheaper Purdy and other brushes from Lowes. Great brush!
I own this product.
Excellent brushes
By: John J. (Jun, 2022)
These are really nice brushes. I'm not a professional, but they perform better than the best brushes that the box stores or hardware stores carry. They'll hold a lot of paint, and they lay it down very smoothly - I find it easy to avoid brush marks with these. These brushes have, on their own, made the difference for me betweeen avoiding finishing work and embracing it.
I own this product.
By: max Savino (Jun, 2021)
I took one star off for price... these are a little over priced in my opinion but they are a fantastic brush! Anyone who is into wet shaving will instantly recognize bristle. This literally is a high quality synthetic shaving brush, super densely packed into a paintbrush handle... thats its all it is! But man... it works really good. Definitely the nicely feel and stroke I have used yet on the ever so painful water based polyurethane everyone hates. Still leaves bubbles, but a ton less than the more common synthetic brushes out there. This thing is just so densely packed with hair, it feel like you are painting with a hunk of smooth gel. Try one out!
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Bristle Length
By: Charles Baarsch (Apr, 2017)
The first two brushes I bought were wonderful. The third one had bristles that were about a quarter inch shorter. As you can imagine it performed in an entirely different way. Not necessarily bad but I could not get the brush to form a fine line when loaded. The bristles splayed. I can't get into the corners without hitting both sides. Wrote to customer service and was told the bristle length can very as much as quarter inch. Personally I think a fifty dollar brush should have more consistent qualities.
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Furniture reapair and finishing
By: Mark Ellis (Jan, 2016)
I bought the 3" brush and I'm coming back for the set of three. We have been working with water based finishes for 30 years. I do spray, but am often in situations where spraying is impossible or impractical. We have tried various tools and techniques for hand application and this is far and away the best. I have brushed out dining table tops with this tool and water based clear. It's not just "worth cleaning", it's worth displying in a place of honor. But don't do that... use it! THANK YOU Gramercy!
I own this product.
By: William Guess (Dec, 2014)
I read about Gramercy Brushes in Finewoodworking in April 2014 and ordered a two inch brush. Got around to doing a new project in December and.......hesitantly...tried the new brush with expectations of disappointment. NO DISAPPOINTMENT! This is the smoothest application instrument I have ever used! I have paid similar prices for what I now consider to be JUNK! Every woodworker who does any kind of shellac or lacquer finish owes it to themselves to buy JUST ONE and try it! I won't be going back to anything less than Gramercy! It's a 5 start product--and I seldom give 5 to anything.
I own this product.

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