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FESTOOL HL 850 E Portable Power Planer

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  Festool HL 850 E Planer (#576258) ($735.00) In Stock
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  Suction adapter, HL850 (#484507) ($22.00) In Stock
The power portable planer is not a replacement for a stationary planer and consequently it gets dismissed a lot. But for those working on-site it can be a godsend. A portable planer is the best way to trim an edge of a door or remove rough marks from wood. Using it is quick; it's easy; and you don't lose the crispness of the edge that you can with a lot of sanding.

The HL 850 can plane a rebate and even plane an existing rebate (deepen the rebate, clean it up and more). Because the planer head is just mounted on one side, it sits flush with the opposite side of the planer housing and you can cut flush to an adjacent surface. You can also plane up to the edge in deep rebates, because the HL 850 has a side guard that swings up as the rebate depth increases. You can reach the lever to move the guard easily without changing your hand position.

The package includes the following: the planer; standard planer head; solid carbide planer blade; parallel side fence; rabbet depth guide; extraction adapter; and hex key, WAF 5, packed in a Systainer M237. There are a bunch of interesting accessories available. A bench unit (485017) coupled with an angle stop (485018) turns the planer upside down in to gives you a mini-stationary unit for controlled milling. The various stops - angle (485018), and rebate stop (484512) - give you total control to make repeatable rebates and plane on an angle. The planer has three additional planer heads (available separately) for decorative surface effects: rustic/fine, rustic/coarse, and rustic/undulating. This is an easy way to lend a decorative texture to your work..

The blade is easily changed too - just loosen three screws, replace the blade and tighten back up. The blade automatically gets adjusted. The planer also has Festool's characteristic smoothness. The unique spiral blade means you'll always get a smooth planning pattern free of chatter marks. MMC electronics keep the cutting speed constant and a convenient rotary handle makes adjusting the cutting depth simple. Finally, Festool's dust extraction - second to none - means your piece and your work environment will be clean and dust-free.
Customer Reviews:
By: Jay Rutan (Feb, 2013)
I just bought a 850 Planer and I'm looking forward to using it as soon as my dust extraction system arrives. I was hesitant about buying a portable planer but with Festools' 30 return policy I look forward to using it and keeping it. from what I can see from videos, which there isn't many, it seems like it is a super piece of equipment. I'll let you know in a few weeks what I think
I own this product.

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