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FastCap SoftWax Wax Filler Kit with 20 Blendable Colors

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Liberon Finishing Supplies
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  Finish Restoration, Repair, and Touch-up
FastCap SoftWax Wax Filler Kit with 20 Blendable ColorsFastCap SoftWax Wax Filler Kit with 20 Blendable Colorscancelleft arrowright arrow
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 FastCap SoftWax Wax Filler Kit with 20 Blendable Colors ($36.61) In Stock
The SoftWax Filler Kit of 20 blendable colors gives you a wide range of options to fill in minor scratches, nail holes, nicks and defects in your wood. You’ll be able to do a quick repair so your finished product looks flawless.

Because the kit includes so many colors, you may easily find a perfect match. If you don’t, you can go a little darker or even mix the colors - rub in together to blend or take a tiny bit from various colors and melt together - for a custom match.

To use, rub the wax or waxes generously into the hole. Scrape off excess with the Wax Wedge (and you can even re-affix the excess wax onto the wax stick for re-use). Then buff the area to remove the last bits of excess wax and enable the repaired spot’s texture to match the grain around the repair. You may find it helpful to isolate the repair area with blue painter’s tape first, and you may also find it helpful to heat the wax (for example, with a hot putty knife) for easier application. For best results, use short strokes and work with the wood's grain.

The kit includes 20 blendable colors, a WaxWedge for scraping away excess wax and a buffing pad, all packed in a protective hard shell container.

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