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Festool Compact CXS Cordless Drill

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Festool Compact CXS Cordless  Drill - The Festool CXS extra-small cordless drillplay video

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 CXS Compact Drill in Systainer¬≥, Keyless, Centrotec, and RIGHT angle chucks and 2 x 2.6Ah batteries + charger (#576099) ($339.00) In Stock
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10.8v Battery - 2.6Ah Li-Ion - Compatible with CXS and TXS drills other than TXS 18 and CXS 18(#500243) alt="10.8v Battery - 2.6Ah Li-Ion - Compatible with CXS and TXS drills other than TXS 18 and CXS 18(#500243)"cancel 10.8v Battery - 2.6Ah Li-Ion - Compatible with CXS and TXS drills other than TXS 18 and CXS 18(#500243) ($73.00) In Stock
MXC Charger for CXS/TXS Battery (#497497) alt="MXC Charger for CXS/TXS Battery (#497497)"cancel MXC Charger for CXS/TXS Battery (#497497) ($69.00) In Stock
A good cordless drill is an extension of your hand. These CXS compact cordess drills from Festool are the smallest and lightest drills Festool has ever made, weighting in at just under 2 pounds, but still delivering the power you need for real work. They are tiny by comparison to the full sized drills. That means less to carry, It will squeeze into more places, a lighter drill is less tiring to use, and you will find yourself reaching for your CXS on every job. A pants pocket hook that can be switched to either side of the drill for lefties or righties is included. An LCD light turns on to illuminate what you are drilling. The drill has a DC 10.8V 2.6 Ah motor running at either of two speeds: 0-400 and 0-1200 RPM. It comes with two batteries but the drill also recharges quickly getting about 80% charged in 20 minutes and about 30 minutes to full charge. Don't let the lower battery rating make you think this drill is under-powered. The highly efficient motor is more than enough power for normal drilling and installation jobs.

The basic drill comes with a charger, 2 2.6 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries, with a charger, a precision keyless drill chuck (1/32" - 5/16"), the quick change Centrotec chuck. Everything comes packed in a fitted Systainer size sys 1 with T-Loc. The right angle chuck is available separately or as part of the set version. Like all Festool tools it comes with a three year warranty (including batteries).

Customer Reviews:
By: Yechiel Nadler (Apr, 2015)
I am now buying my fourth CXS drill for my team, we use them every day all day and love the feel and perfect handling. Our oldest one was used for 2-1/2 years straight, the torque setting started to dull so we sent it in for free warranty repair and now it's like new.
I own this product.

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