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FastCap My Grip Comfort Grip

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Clear alt="Clear"cancel Clear ($12.10) In Stock
Red alt="Red"cancel Red ($12.10) In Stock
Safety Yellow alt="Safety Yellow"cancel Safety Yellow ($12.10) In Stock
Blue alt="Blue"cancel Blue ($12.10) In Stock
Black alt="Black"cancel Black ($12.10) In Stock
My Grip is a moldable sheet that you soften and mold into a custom-fit grip on hand tools, power tools, sports racquets, barbells, canes, handlebars, axes, hedge trimmers, shovels, wheelbarrows, ski poles, bats, propane tanks or anything else that needs a comfortable, exact grip. You can also mold it into arch supports or jig holders, as FastCap engineers do.

You'll get a comfortable grip that absorbs vibrations and reduces fatigue. And on those cold days, you'll be extra happy to avoid gripping cold metal.

To use, soften the My Grip sheet with hot water or a heat gun, and shape the sheet onto the handle that you’re covering. Once the My Grip sheet is installed, heat it again and grab and hold the handle to make a custom-fit grip. (To ensure you don’t burn your hand, make sure to splash or dip your hand in cool water first.) You’ll get an exact grip for your hand.

Choice of colors: Clear, Red, Safety Yellow, Blue and Black. 4 per package.

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