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FastCap Pro Carpenter FlatBack Tape Measures

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  Tape Measures
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 Old Standby Standard FlatBack 16'(#PS-FLAT16) ($11.59) In Stock
 Standard Reverse FlatBack 16'(#PSSR-FLAT 16) ($11.59) In Stock
 Standard Story Pole FlatBack 16'(#PSSP-FLAT16) ($11.59) In Stock
 Square Check FlatBack 16' Standard Story Pole (#PSSP-FLAT 16 SQC) ($11.59) In Stock
 Metric/Standard 16' FlatBack(#PMS-FLAT16) ($11.59) In Stock
 Metric Reverse FlatBack 5 Meter(#PMMR-FLAT16) ($11.59) In Stock
 Burn One Standard/Metric FlatBack 16'(#PMS-FLAT16 BURN1) ($11.59) In Stock
Fastcap FlatBack tape measures are designed for surfaces that aren’t flat.

You’ll use these tape measures on curved surfaces, round surfaces and flat panels.

Comes in Metric/Standard, Old Standby Standard, Metric Reverse (True32), Standard Reverse (Lefty/Righty) and Standard Story Pole blade versions.

The Square Check variation includes a specialized swivel hook for corner-to-corner measurements.

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