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Triangular Needle File (200mm 2nd cut 9/64" wide) (for 15tpi and finer teeth) ($10.95) Temporarily unavailable
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 4" Extra Slim ($5.95) In Stock
 4" Slim ($5.95) In Stock
 4 1/2" Extra Slim ($5.95) In Stock
 4 1/2" Slim ($5.95) In Stock
 5" Extra Slim ($5.95) In Stock
 5" Slim ($5.95) In Stock
6" Extra Slim ($6.95) Temporarily unavailable
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 6" Slim ($6.45) In Stock
 7" Extra Slim ($7.45) In Stock
 7" Slim ($7.45) In Stock
 8" Extra Slim ($9.45) In Stock
 8" Slim ($9.45) In Stock
 3 Square machinist's file 6" x 19/64" second cut (for 10-14 tpi) ($24.95) In Stock New Style!
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With a saw file, practice, and a little instruction you can keep your saws cutting swift and straight, and turn any flea market find into a gem. Our range of Corradi Saw Files will work for Western Saws from 6 TPI to 10 TPI. We particularly like the Corradi Saw Files for their geometry - they have small arrises (the flat spot at the tip of each edge, think of a triangle with the top knocked off), which equates to more control over the size of your gullets. With a large arris it is easier to gouge out the gullets and shrink your teeth. Corradi Saw Files allow for much more careful sharpening, especially with higher TPI saws.

We have found that for larger backsaws and our hardware store saw a 3-square machinists file produces the best result. 3-square files have the smallest arrises, and being second cut, cut finer and better on thin plate saws. The narrow arrises mean deeper gullets and faster sawing.

You should always fit a file to a handle for proper use; saw files have different tangs than regular files and therefore do not correspond with the usual handle size recommendations. Nearly all of our saw files use a #3 Skroo-zon handle, the 7" slim uses a #4 (see below for the link). For the needle file the collet handle linked below works well and is the only thing we stock that fits.

See our Specs tab for sizing info and TPI recommendations.

Made in Italy.

Slim Taper
 File Size  Length mm  Cross Section mm 
 4" 1006.0
 4 1/2" 1156.0
 5" 1257.0
 6" 1508.5
 7" 17510.0
 8" 20012.0

X-Slim Taper
 File Size  Length mm  Cross Section mm 
 4" 1005.0
 4 1/2" 1155.0
 5" 1256.0
 6" 1507.0
 7" 1758.5
 8" 20010.0

Choosing the right file size:
 TPI  File Size 
6 7" or 8" SlimTaper 
7 7" or 8" SlimTaper 
8 6" Slim Taper or 7" Extra Slim Taper 
9 6" Extra Slim Taper 
10 5" or 6" Extra SlimTaper 

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