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Brusso Quadrant Hinges

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 BrassInstallation Templates
HD-638 - Pair - small - 1" x 5/16"
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Quadrant hinges do pretty much the same thing as any of our stop hinges - they limit the box lid to about 95 degrees of travel, just past the vertical point, so the lid stays up. But unlike a box hinge, the action is visible to the user and looks both mechanical and purposeful. With a regular stop hinge, the user opens the lid and it stops opening at 95 degrees. There is nothing in the visible design of the hinge that reveals that the lid isn't supposed to be opened all the way. The quadrant hinge is a ΒΌ circle that is totally visible when the box is open (when the box is closed, the hinge is concealed except for the knuckle). The quadrant design subtly tells the user that the lid only opens to certain point and then stops. More than any of our other hinges, the quadrant hinges become part of the design and make a great visual statement. Solid brass. Sold in pairs, with mounting screws included.
A brass router template is available for easy installation. Click here for installation instructions.

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Brusso Hardware is Made in the USA.
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By: Dave Beauchesne (Nov, 2014)
I used a set of the small quadrant hinges on a cypress document box several years ago - WONDERFUL! Fit and finish were superb, and they were everything I hoped and more. Highly recommended
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