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Spoon Carving Project Book: 15 Simple Designs for the Kitchen

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Spoon Carving Project Book: 15 Simple Designs for the KitchenSpoon Carving Project Book: 15 Simple Designs for the Kitchencancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Emmet Van Driesche

With photographs by our friend Ben Gancsos, co-founder of the New York Spoon Club, it's no wonder that Spoon Carving Project Book delivers on its promise to help you "transform a block of wood into a beautiful kitchen utensil."

The book features 15 designs for a variety of utensils, including cooking and serving spoons, scoops for coffee, ice cream and flour, spatulas, servers, dippers and knives. Author Emmet Van Driesche focuses on both the practical and artistic, giving clear instructions to build your skills along with information about sourcing wood, food safe finishes and sustainable carving tips.

Softcover. 128 pages.

Richly photographed and thoroughly detailed, this lavish spoon carving book by Emmet Van Driesche offers woodcarvers of all abilities an excellent and highly instructive introduction to an engaging and useful craft. Loaded with fabulous patterns, great tips, and plenty of encouragement, it is without doubt, a go-to resource." - David Western, author of Great Book of Spoon Carving Patterns

Pages: 128
Binding: TP
Publisher: Fox Chapel

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