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Euclid's Door: Building the Tools of ‘By Hand & Eye'

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  The History of Tools and Early Technical Processes
Euclid’s Door: Building the Tools of ‘By Hand & Eye’Euclid’s Door: Building the Tools of ‘By Hand & Eye’cancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Geo. R. Walker & Jim Tolpin, Illustrations by R. Keith Mitchell & Barb Walker

In their previous book, “By Hand and Eye,” George Walker and Jim Tolpin explained how to use ratios and proportions to achieve a more fundamental understanding of design principles. In Euclid’s Door, the authors offer an illustrated guide to building the ancient tools that are still meaningful today.

The authors set out to answer a nagging question: why did artisans in pre-industrial days buy their chisels and saws but build their own layout and design tools? So they built some of the tools for their workshops, and quickly realized that these tools were not only perfectly suited to building furniture, but that the process of making them also enhanced their furniture design skills. The eight wooden layout tools described in the book can help you grasp what the authors call “artisan geometry” in three dimensions on your workbench. The process of making these tools not only yields the tools themselves, but also serves as a kind of apprenticeship to enhance your design skills.

The cloth-covered hardbound 115 page book has a sewn and glued binding for durability. Like all Lost Art Press books, "Euclid's Door" is printed in the United States.

Pages: 115
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Art Press

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