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Saws, Planes, and Scorps: Exceptional Woodworking Tools and Their Makers

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Found in Departments: Classic Texts on Tools and Woodworking
Saws, Planes, and Scorps: Exceptional Woodworking Tools and Their MakersSaws, Planes, and Scorps: Exceptional Woodworking Tools and Their Makerscancelleft arrowright arrow
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by David Heim

The publication of Saws, Planes, and Scorps: Exceptional Woodworking Tools and Their Makers is doubly thrilling to us at TFWW: first, it was an honor to be included by David Heim in this roundup of makers of outstanding tools, and second, it was exciting that a book on our industry has gotten mainstream attention (for example, in the New York Times’ list of recommended holiday gifts).

The book celebrates the makers of hand tools from all over the world, profiling both the tools and their makers. The creative process is explored with interviews and behind-the-scenes photos. As suggested by the title, Saws, Planes and Scorps includes both popular and more obscure tools, raising the odds that you will discover a new maker (or tool). The book makes a great gift for the hand woodworker - and lovers of great design. With an introduction by Joshua Klein of Mortise & Tenon magazine.

Hardcover. 7" x 10.5". 224 pages.

”When woodworkers look back at the early 2000s to see what their craft forebearers were up to...they will marvel to see how the commitment to quality work was inseparable from the commitment to quality relationships. Heim’s book is a fitting and beautiful celebration of just that. - Mortise & Tenon magazine

”Artisans and their admirers will find ample material to savor in David Heim’s Saws, Planes and Scorps, a compendium of hand tools around the world." - New York Times Holiday Gift Guide

"Heim, a veteran magazine and book editor, highlights the tools of the trade and the craftspeople who make them, through interviews, photos, sketches, and vintage ephemera. This book is for anyone who, for instance, ever contemplated how a workbench in Great Britain or the U.S. differs from one in Japan." - Publishers Weekly

Pages: 224
Binding: HC
Publisher: Linden

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