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Quercus Magazine is an exciting magazine devoted to hand woodworking edited by Nick Gibbs, a veteran of several British woodworking magazines. Quercus, which bears the slogan, “Working Wood by Hand,” is crammed with interesting topics and ideas that will appeal to anyone interested in greenwoodwork, sloyd, spoonmaking, chairmaking, carving, and traditional crafts.

We are saddened that Nick has announced that Issue 21 is the final issue. We congratulate him and all is supporters, authors and patrons on a splendid and meaningful achievement - with the hope that farewell is not forever. And we are very honored that Tools for Working Wood was featured in Quercus' final issue.

Listed above by tab is a summary of each issue. Yes, each issue is positively packed with information! The magazine features contributors from Britain and all over the world. Many of the contributors have lively social media presences but the magazine also incorporates material from established British woodworking magazines. Quercus also features a very robust “Letters, Comments & Ideas” section.

The magazine is rich with full-color photos, but its cost is kept down by its paper - thin and recycled. This gives the magazine an immediacy and approachability that you’ll enjoy. Quercus was launched as a quarterly publication but becaue of its success is now a bi-monthly publication. 64 pages with zero ads.

Issue 21 (Winter 2023) - Table of Contents

  • Profile of Aspen Golann, founder of The Chairmakers Toolbox, a non-profit that offers free classes, mentorship and tools for emerging woodworkers
  • Converting a spokeshave into a travisher by Ben Groenevelt
  • Highlights from
  • Have you considered teaching a woodworking class? Being inspired by Derek Jones’ “Build a Cricket Table” courses to teach one myself by John Menard
  • Thoughtful approaches to learning how to learn by Bill Ratcliffe
  • Replacing my neighbors’ ugly plastic windows using traditional construction techniques and modern materials and machinery by Richard Arnold
  • A closer look at a folding chair designed by Toby Watson, a prize-winning student at Rycotewood Furniture Centre in Oxford
  • John Makepeace’s “Serenade” scorched oak chest of drawers
  • Battle of the “Best Aprons” with Nick Gibbs and The Armchair Woodworkie
  • The history of cricket tables by Derek Jones
  • Using traditional Japanese wooden construction techniques to build a wooden jungle gym by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Tips for milling a magnificent felled oak by Barbara Roberts
  • Profile of Pathcarvers, an inclusive community organization that teaches traditional crafts and creative arts
  • Noted: The Lost Trades Fair, an Australian celebration of skill & craftsmanship
  • Exploring hand tools for rabbeting by Robin Gates
  • Refurbishing a forgotten two-person crosscut saw by Henrie van Rooij
  • Practicing Gary Rogowski’s “Five-Minute Dovetail” exercise by John Lloyd
  • Book review: Dr. Jeffery Hill’s “Workshop Wound Care,” a pocket-sized emergency guide, by David Honey
  • Book review: Joshua Klein’s “Worked,” by Rex Krueger
  • Interview with Edward Bouvier, The Village Woodwright, about building a special workshop for teaching woodworking to children
  • Profile of Peter Quin and the Furniture Craft School (FCS), based in a National Trust building at Scotney Castle
  • Basic knife grips for chip carving by Jogge Sundqvist
  • Cutting letters and numbers in chip carved signs by Jogge Sundqvist
  • Carving with a nankin kanna, a unique Japanese-style spokeshave, by Masashi Kutsuwa
  • Celebrating pearwood, a particularly marvelous fruitwood, by David Savage
  • The satisfaction of hand tool woodworking by Roland Eugster
  • Making a Thicknessing Jig by Roland Eugster
  • Highlights of Handworks 2023
  • Tool Review: Blue Spruce’s new Optima Chisel Plan by Ian Parker
  • A visit to the Lee Valley booth at Handworks
  • Product review: SmartButt hinges
  • Product review: Gramercy Tools Spoonmaker’s Drawknife (spoiler alert: a rave! “Love at first shave”) by Nick Gibbs
  • Introduction to the Gramercy Tools Folding Treadle Lathe by Joel Moskowitz (shameless plug: to learn more about the lathe, please go to the product page for the Folding Treadle Lathe)
  • Profile of Rex Krueger and Compass Rose Toolworks
  • Product review: Hillview Wood and Metal 4 Inch Bevel by Ethan Sincox (The Kilted Woodworker)
  • A few ways of handling PVA squeeze-out by Charles Mak
  • Farewell and thanks by Nick Gibbs - yes, very sad to say this is the final issue of Quercus

Issue 20 (September/October 2023) - Table of Contents

  • Questioning workbench design by Nick Gibbs
  • Taking a Chris Schwarz chairmaking course by Dennis Hiorns
  • Designing with sketches and SketchUp (3D models) by Derek Jones and Dylan Iwakuni
  • Challenging how we promote traditional skills by Daniel Carpenter of Heritage Crafts
  • Introduction of the KT Tools Learning Vortex, a woodworking museum, media center and online repository by Shrenik Savla-Shah
  • An amateur’s searches for time, skills and firewood by Ron Guritzky
  • Making my own high angle block plane by Gary Rogowski
  • The rustic Swiss stool, a great introductory greenwood project by Henrie Van Rooij
  • Interview with Matt Kenney about his interest in kumiko, by Nick Gibbs
  • Book review: Darrell Peart’s The Artisan Furniture Maker: A Creative Survival Guide by Doug Stowe
  • Troubleshooting problems with timber preparation by Robin Gates
  • Book excerpt: The Artisan Furniture Maker by Darrell Peart
  • V-Grinding aka Scandi Grinding knives for greenwoodwork (part 2 of a series on hollow grinding) by Sean Hellman
  • Interview with toolmaker Will Adams, toolmaker
  • An examination of block plane angles by John Lloyd
  • Working end-grain with a block plane by John Lloyd
  • Using the EZ-Rung prototype
  • Two intriguing and expensive chisels that have interchangeable blades
  • Handworks 2023 in Amana!
  • How a rafter-square can help a traditional woodworker by Charles Mak

Click the tabs at the top for a table of contents of each issue

Issue 19 (July/August 2023) - Table of Contents

  • Six day Windsor Chairmaking workshop with Paul Hayden
  • Correspondence with Quercus Magazine
  • Noted: “Woodworking with Hand Tools” by Harry Morris
  • Repairing damage supports in an old Japanese House by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Announcement of the Maxwell/Hanrahan Foundation’s Award for Craft to educator and furniture maker Aspen Golann of The Chairmakers Toolbox
  • Portrait of toolmaker Raney Nelson
  • Exploring curved wooden planes by Robin Gates
  • All about the English Oak (Quercus) tree by Gabriel Hemery, 2012 OneOak Project leader
  • Virtual class review: Using milk paint with Curtis Buchanan & Elia Bizzarri
  • Virtual class review: hand tool cabinet construction Lukasj Giergasz
  • Passing on a chairmaking tip from Chris Schwarz’s blog
  • Repairing a knot or crack with a “Dutchman patch,” by Ethan Sincox (The Kilted Woodworker)
  • Finishing a workbench I had no intention of building by Bill Ratcliffe
  • Finalists and winner for the “Young Woodworker of the Year” award - and their prizewinning boxes
  • Making a Japanese stool inspired by Group Monomono’s “Simple Japanese Furniture” by Henrie Van Rooij
  • Hollow grinding chisel backs for faster, better sharpening by Sean Hellman
  • Prototyping a honing guide to fit my Clifton 5 1/2 jack plane and Stanley 9 ½ block plane by Nick Gibbs
  • Stanley’s iconic PowerLock tape measure by, Robin Gates
  • Three simple ways of hanging your board or door on the bench by Charles Mak

Issue 18 (May/June 2023) - Table of Contents

  • Rehabilitating the top of a workbench by Robin Gates
  • Honing by hand without a honing guide by John Lloyd
  • The making of the Emma Armchair by Jogge Sundqvist
  • New products for boxmakers
  • My favorite online inspirations by The Armchair Woodie
  • How a complex knot of visits & projects led to making a chair by Nick Gibbs
  • What’s the difference between art and craft? by Steve Schuler
  • The Quercus World Tour (events and appearances in 2023)
  • Making a chair in Chris Schwarz workshop by Dennis Hiorns
  • Planing stop technique by John Lloyd
  • The tools I use for shaping solid chair seats by Peter Galbert
  • Transforming the 5000 year old Jubilee Black Oak into “The Table for the Nation” by Hamish Low
  • Planing to resolve pressure and wiggle by John Lloyd
  • Commissioning 32 bespoke book slipcases to launch the publication of “Craft Britain: Why Making Matters”
  • Making a sliding jig shooting board for my workbench by Martin Sturfält
  • Working with an Austin Papp wooden foreplan by Rex Krueger
  • The origin story of James Mursell’s “traviscraper” and other chairmaking tools
  • Comparing a Surform file with a Shinto rasp by Robin Gates
  • The mysterious router plane depth stop rod by Scott Wynn
  • Why every woodworker’s toolkit should include a handscrew clamp by Charles Mak

Issue 17 (March/April 2023) - Table of Contents

  • Profile of Robin Wood by Nick Gibbs
  • Completing a box with Bill Ratcliffe’s dovetailing lessons by Nick Gibbs
  • The art of Kobiki Shokunin by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Using pinch sticks by Mitch Peacock
  • Exploring plane iron angles by Scott Wynn
  • The Bodgers Ball, Weird & Wonderful Wood and other 2023 events
  • Making a whittled whistle by Lemen Urbanijav
  • Planing stops and backstops by John Lloyd
  • Ode to the sturdy old tool bag by Robin Gates
  • Spooncarving with inspiration from Instagram and a 1990s pamphlet by Nick Gibbs
  • Collecting old screws by Ethan Sincox(the Kilted Woodworker)
  • Making a dovetailed box for a block plane by Deneb Puchalski
  • Excerpt from “Craft Brittain” by Helen Chislett and David Linley
  • A simple, perfect workbench by Henrie van Rooij
  • How I came to love hand tools by Toyohisa Sugita
  • Excerpt from “How to Make Carpentry Tools,” a 1990s classic, by Aaron Moore
  • How to make a sash clamp by Aaron Moore
  • Vintage a vintage cast iron saw vices by Rex Krueger
  • In praise of the Knew Concepts fret saw by Bill Ratcliffe
  • The first Knew Concepts fan by Derek Cohen
  • Mortising matters by Robin Gates
  • Using an iron edge-trimming plane by Charles Mak

Issue 16 (Jan/Feb 2023) - Table of Contents

  • Profile of “Hall of Fame” planemaker Bill Carter
  • A closer look at Bill & Sarah Carter’s videos and stills from their video, Making of a Mitre Plane
  • Building a bespoke solid wooden carcase around Ikea rotating kitchen shelves by Martin Sturfält
  • Reaching first for hand tools by Dennis Hiorns
  • Correcting the problems of digital inclinometers by Norman Billingham
  • Thank heaven I live in a forest of birch, an super-versatile wood, by David Godber
  • An appreciation of invisible, buried dowel joints by Robin Gates
  • Building a new woodworking studio and instruction center near Mt. Fuji, by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Visiting “The Carpenters’ Life: Woodworking Heritage in Hida Takayama” exhibit at London’s Japan House by Henrie van Rooij
  • Restoring a Per Nordlöw carpenter’s ax by Rasmus Pettersson Vik
  • A closer look at Anne of All Trades’ blogs and posts by Nick Gibbs
  • Book review of Helen Chislett & David Linley’s Craft Britain: Why Making Matters
  • Book excerpt from: Gary Rogowski’s Handmade: Creative Force in the Age of Distraction
  • Crafting zig-zag wavy fasteners for an Iron-Age wooden bowl by Viv Walker
  • Dealing with winter humidity in small workshops by Henrie van Rooij
  • Lessons learned as a woodworking school intern by Curtiss Carr
  • In praise of low tech, longer fence homemade scratchstocks by John Lloyd
  • The three scrapers you need for difficult shaping and smoothing by Scott Wynn
  • Highlights from the Harrogate Northern Woodworking Show
  • My tiny pocket chisel by Simon Grace
  • Parramore’s bold (but unfortunate) attempt to redesign the hand plane in 1960s Britain by Robin Gates
  • The fun, useful and instructive aspects of hand plane wood waste by Charles Mak
  • Click the tabs at the top for a table of contents of each issue

Issue 15 (Sept/Oct 2022) - Table of Contents

  • Interview with woodworker, homesteader and social media sensation Anne of All Trades
  • I’m back on the road! by Nick Gibbs
  • Using a moulding plane to restore an old cupboard by Martin Sturfält
  • Adding an inlaid star to a trivet project by Justin Emrich
  • Making a spoon carving bench by Sean Hellman
  • Book excerpt: Simple Japanese Furniture by Group Monomono
  • Project highlight: Stool with Pinched Legs, from Simple Japanese Furniture by Group Monomono
  • The complex process of applying a Urushi finish by Ozan Demirtas
  • Woodworking in my shed by candlelight and paraffin lamp by Robin Gates
  • Making herringbone inlay by John Lloyd
  • Book review: Gary Rogowski’s “Handmade” by Nick Gibbs
  • Tatiana Baldina’s Chip Carving by Molly Sjöstam
  • Learning to make a Bill Carter plane from Bill and Sarah Carter’s YouTube videos by Shrenik Savla-Shah
  • Book excerpt: The History of Chairmaking in High Wycombe by John Mayes
  • In praise of bamboo by Doug Stowe
  • Designing and producing with bamboo by James Wolf
  • Making small boxes for bench tool out of recycled boards by Henrie van Rooijn
  • Product review: Accu-Burr scraper sharpener by Ethan Sincox (the Kilted Woodworker)
  • In praise of vintage dividers and trammels by Robin Gates
  • Helping my handtool work with a digital inclinometer by Charles Mak

Issue 14 (Sept/Oct 2022) - Table of Contents

  • Interview with toolmaker Thomas Lie-Nielsen
  • Making a watch minder by Justin Emrich
  • Announcing the Woodworker of the Year competition
  • Rethinking “failure” by Gary Rogowski
  • Using pre-Columbian Indigenous ceramic patterns in woodworking by Carlos González Salazar
  • Profile of Vintage Tool Patch, a Facebook auction site for antique tool collectors by Shrenik Savla-Shah
  • My path from power tools to hand tools in furniture making by Pascal Teste
  • Making a wooden chisel plane by Robin Gates
  • What length of paring chisel is best? by John Lloyd
  • Making a skew knife honing guide inspired by David Charlesworth by Germán Peraire
  • Welcoming my new woodworking obsession - and using the skills of practice I learned as pianist - by Martin Sturfält
  • Cutting through-dovetails for the back of a drawer by Derek Cohen
  • Why I continue to take woodworking classes (even if I could also teach them) by Ethan Sincox (the Kilted Woodworker)
  • The value of marking up - excerpt from Euclid’s Door (new Lost Art Press book) by George Walker & Jim Tolpin
  • The superiority of fish glue by Bill Ratcliffe
  • Moravian woodwork by Christopher Wilson
  • Making a router plane from a kit by Justin Emrich
  • The Elipse 4S, a 90 year old multi-tool by Robin Gates
  • Different ways to use holdfasts by Charles Mak

Issue 13 (July/August 2022) - Table of Contents

  • Tribute to David Charlesworth, “one of woodworking’s most influential teachers, authors & presenters ever” by Nick Gibbs
  • How planing David Charlesworth’s precise way transformed my woodwork by Mattias Hallen
  • David Charlesworth’s marvelous skew sharpening jig by Germán Peraire
  • Trimming & squaring inspired by David Charlesworth’s precision by Derek Cohen
  • Visiting an antique shop for toolboxes by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Using modern technology alongside older ways by Shrenik Savla-Shah
  • Trying my hand at carving Japanese trays by Henrie van Rooij
  • Moving beyond abstractions designing in the workshop by Kyle Kidwell
  • No one is more surprised than I am by my lockdown woodworking transformation by Justin Emrich
  • Exploring techniques for fastening with copper nails by Robin Gates
  • Book excerpt: "The Wisdom of Our Hands" by Doug Stowe
  • Waterstones: why David Charlesworth’s choice is still very popular by Richard Wile
  • Violin pegs for doors and drawers by Germán Peraire
  • Making a bowl as a pole-lathe turner by Julian Jones
  • My Superior bog oak marking gauge by Ethan Sincox (The Kilted Woodworker)
  • Fixing aprons to tabletops the 18th Century way by John Peeler
  • Book Review: Paul Sellers’ “Essential Hand Tools” review by Bill Ratcliffe
  • Book Review: group monomono’s “Simple Japanese Furniture” review by Nick Gibbs
  • Tribute to David Charlesworth by Derek Cohen
  • Cutting half-blind dovetails with an exactitude of the Charlesworth Way by Derek Cohen
  • How to navigate from log to spoon with confidence by Max Neukäufler
  • Educating new generations & new types of woodworkers by Andy Glenn
  • Book excerpt: “The History of Chairmaking in High Wycombe” by John Mayer
  • Our push/pull shave by Jason Lonon and Paul Clark
  • Using a shoulder plane by John Lloyd
  • Using 19th Century saws for cutting apertures and curves by Robin Gates
  • Tape measure attachments for checking squareness by Charles Mak

Issue 12 (May/June 2022) - Table of Contents

  • Putting my collection of molding planes to use in my home by Richard Arnold
  • Working by hand (a polemic) by John Brown
  • Working wood without electricity by David Godber
  • Children's classes in Yeongwol-gun, South Korea by leepalgoe
  • Making the Stand for a Roubo Cabinet by Barbara Roberts (barbiewoodshop)
  • Choosing Wood for Chairs by Chris Schwarz (excerpt from The Stick Chair Book)
  • Preparing for a glue-up by Derek Jones
  • Restoring and using batwing brace bits by Henrie van Rooij
  • Fitting handles to knives by Sean Hellman
  • Remembering Peter Hindle, pioneer of rounders, by his son, Timothy Hindle
  • Milling - felling, hewing and adzing - by hand by Dylan Iwakuni
  • The forgotten craft of willow skein seat weaving by Monica Cass
  • My long route to making a Maloof-inspired chair by power and hand by Dallas Gara
  • Salvaging the steel of scrap tools by Robin Gates
  • Recommendation: Kieran Binnie’s “Over the Wireless” blog by Shrenik Savla-Shah
  • Book review: “The Wisdom of Our Hands” by Doug Stowe
  • Book review: “Whittling” by Barn the Spoon
  • Evaluating semi-premium Stanley handplanes by Rex Krueger
  • Three days of cutting dovetails with Bill Ratcliffe by Nick Gibbs
  • Making a tiny Dutch tool chest for a No. 102 block plane to inspire entrants to Quercus's “Young Woodworker of the Year” competition by Megan Fitzpatrick
  • The case against reamers by Ozan Demirtas
  • Choosing the right shoulder plane by John Lloyd
  • The elegance of the Spofford brace by Robin Gibbs
  • Shop-built holding devices by Charles Mak

Issue 11 (March/April 2022) - Table of Contents

  • Bench Talk 101, a virtual fellowship by Shrenik Savla-Shah
  • Making a simple, comfy scrub plane by Mitch Peacock
  • Making woodworking a habit by Ron Guritzky
  • Finding Britain’s Best Woodworker (television competition)
  • Is there still a place for the flathead screwdriver? by Shrenik Savla-Shah
  • How spoon-making led to kuksas by Thomas Banks
  • Making French curves by Barbara Roberts
  • Spooncarving in Australia by Paul Boyer
  • Working wood without electricity by David Godber
  • Celebrating the significance of John Brown’s Little Green Book
  • Profile of Christopher Schwarz, the author who "picked up John Brown’s baton"
  • My work as John Brown’s first apprentice by Kenneth Kortemeier
  • Book Review: Christopher Schwarz’s The Stick Chair Book by Nick Gibbs
  • Trying out The Free Online Woodworking School ( by Shrenik Savla-Shah
  • Regenerating our coppice woodland (excerpt from “Woodland Craft Book”) by Ben Law
  • Exploring mysterious new timer by Bill Ratcliffe
  • Making a plane box (support for the Young WoodWorker of 2022 initiative) by Bill Ratcliffe
  • Frugal remedies for planes with problem soles by Robin Gates
  • Sharpening with oil stones and diamond stones by Richard Wile
  • In praise of the wooden router planes by Paul Sellars (interview)
  • Metal vs. wood planes by Robin Gates
  • Carving textured bowls by Matt Day
  • The story of my new workshop by Henrie van Rooij
  • My new bog oak marking knife by Ethan Sincox (the Kilted Woodworker)
  • My toolmaking obsession by Ben Bartalesi
  • Product review: short blade honing guide
  • Remembering the classing Surform by Robin Gates
  • Making a square measure by Charles Mak

Issue 10 (Jan/Feb 2022) - Table of Contents

  • Profile of Misti Leitz, winner of “Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker” competition
  • Profile of Kaylyn Messer of Rise Up & Carve
  • The environmental and personal benefits of using hand tools by Stuart Livings
  • Don’t be afraid of shellac by Barbara Roberts
  • The hardest joint I ever cut - a New Year challenge by Alex Ward
  • Discovering a passion for chairmaking by Jay Montepare
  • More and bigger shed windows to help beat the winter blues by Robin Gates
  • Giving a crosscut saw a try after my chainsaw got stolen by David Keys
  • Profile of Paul Sellers, “woodworking’s most influential amateur” (Part 1) by Nick Gibbs
  • The meditative Japanese chair by Radha Sivyer
  • Judging chairmaking on the television competition show “Handmade” by Helen Welch
  • Profile of chairmaker Takuya Aoki by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Making a traditional tool chest by Bill Ratcliffe
  • Book review: Richard Wile’s “A Sharpening Handbook” by Matthew Lepper
  • Protecting sharp tools for transit by Robin Gates
  • Saving endangered heritage crafts by Mary Lewis
  • How to cut a strong, distinctive joint by German Peraire
  • Using a restored hand-operated Ajax beam auger by Zach Gillenwater
  • Why I prefer restored tools to new ones by Mike Flaim
  • Four restoring “Do’s” and “Don’ts” by Mike Flaim
  • Chairgate: the restoration of a chair at great length and great expense by Nick Gibbs
  • BenchTalk by Mattias Hallin
  • Making a Bog Oak plane box with my Bog Oak handled tools by Ethan Sincox (the Kilted Woodworker)
  • Using sticky dots to guide boxmaking layout by Ethan Sinocx
  • Interview with Matthias Fenner of Fenner Toolworks
  • Tool reviews - honing guides, clamps and dividers
  • Cutting sliding dovetails the Moravian way with a Gratsage saw by Christopher Wilson
  • Organizing tips for error-free assembly by Charles Mak

Issue 9 (November/December 2021) - Table of Contents

  • The thrill of making and using wooden planes by Laura Mays
  • Harvesting and using lime bark by Dave Watson
  • Can’t get hardwood? How about Holm Oak? by Tim Germain
  • Solving chair problems by Galen Cranz
  • Building a Derek Jones toolbox by Barbara Jones
  • Mounting a table vice sideways by Robin Gates
  • Lunch with furniture designer John Makepeace
  • A celebration of Jennie Alexander’s Make a Chair from a Tree
  • Ben Law’s Woodland Craft Book and Ben Law’s Woodlander - book reviews by Nick Gibbs
  • Book reviews: Vic Tesolin’s The Minimalist Woodworker and Projects for the Minimalist Woodworker and Rex Kruger’s Everyday Woodworking
  • Making scratchstocks by James Journigan Snr
  • Building a replica of a vintage country carpenter tool chest by Rex Krueger
  • Hand filing dull bandsaw blades by Sean Hellman
  • Adapting old bandsaw blades for frame saws
  • Fettling an inexpensive but precise cutting gauge by John Lloyd
  • Deconstructing thrift store and discarded furniture for the timber and hardware by Robin Gates
  • Wycliffe Stutchbury’s Reclaimed Oak Screen
  • Making a bench from a reclaimed wardrobe door by David Keys
  • Alex Walshaw’s recycled wood furniture and bowls
  • Restoration of a traditional Japanese house: When your section appears to fail by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Shooting boards by Scott Wynn
  • A guide to spindle drilling by Kyle Barton
  • An interview with Ryan Thompson of RT Toolworks, maker of wooden planes
  • Using Lake Erie workbench hardware: on a smaller vice by Drew Wallace; leg vice by Bill Leonhardt; and Shaker leg vice by Terry Asseltine
  • How to choose a block plane by Derek Jones
  • Reader’s mailbag
  • Tricks for better cramping by Charles Mak

Issue 8 (September/October 2021) - Table of Contents

  • Making simple tools using chisels as blades by Rex Kruger
  • Chairmaking with hand tools by Brendan Strasburger
  • Inclusive woodworking co-ops in Mexico by Katie Thompson
  • John Brown chairs by Gerwyn Lewis
  • My attic workshop by Giorgio Nicodemo
  • Make your own tools by Barbara Robers
  • Exploring Ernest Joyce’s backsaw grip by Robin Gates
  • Long lasting joints by Jeff Lefkowitz
  • Surfacing planes by Scott Wynn
  • Carving Jogge Sundqvist tool hooks by Henrie van Rooij
  • Making ash tent pegs and beech tensioners by Robin Gates
  • Sharpening a drawknife by Richard Wile
  • Making a simple spooncarving knife by Doug Stowe
  • Renovating wooden spokeshaves by Debs Hart
  • Pole lathe bowl turning by Michelle Mateo
  • Creative woodworking for youngsters by Pete Moorhouse
  • Secrets of hand sawing by John Lloyd
  • Art or craft of engraving by Matt Lepper
  • Making tools to sell by Derek Jones
  • Comparing print and digital instructions by Nick Gibbs
  • Interview of Claire Minihan, travisher maker by Phoebe Everill
  • Readers’ comments

Issue 7 (July/August 2021) - Table of Contents

  • Tribute to Bill Coperthwaite, yurtsman and author of "A Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity" by Doug Stowe
  • Making the Boggs Side Chair by Tim Beierle
  • Fabricating a simple workbench with found lumber during Covid 19 by Daniel Marcou
  • Connecting with nature as a spoon carver by Rosie Mockford
  • Upgrading my workbench by Barbara Roberts
  • Constructing an "Ingenious Mechanicks"-inspired lightweight traveler workbench by Rex Krueger
  • How to make a Van Gough rope-seat chair by Masashi Kutsuwa
  • The Japanese through tenon toolbox by Derek Jones
  • Making door buttons out of wood scraps by Robin Gates
  • Wooden grooving and dado planes by Robin Gates
  • Gallery - stools made with Japanese Kanna pull planes by Kohtaro Mori
  • Using material on hand in an extemporaneous storage project for 3 wonderful stray hand tools by Christopher Walker
  • Behold my Frankenbench by Ethan Sincox (the Kilted Woodworker)
  • Setting up a dedicate sharpening area by Richard Wile
  • Repairing your bandsaw blades by Sean Hellman
  • How to sharpen in-cannel (bevel on the inside) gouges by John Lloyd
  • Restoration of a traditional Japanese house by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Turning bowls with a pole lathe by Gary Baker
  • Shaping pipes by hand by Steve Schuler
  • Dreaming of becoming a self-sufficient woodworker by Nick Gibbs
  • Balancing my day job as a web developer with hand woodworking by Adam Brewer
  • Book review of Trent Preszler’s "Little and Often" by Nick Gibbs
  • The Bovey Tracey Craft Festival
  • Quercus 6

Issue 6 (May/June 2021) - Table of Contents

  • Caning a chair the modern Danish way by David Johnson
  • A year of downs and ups by Peter Wood
  • Making a George Nakashima bench by Barbara Roberts
  • Making a Moxon vice by Doug Stowe
  • Spokeshaving facets to legs and rails by Alex Holm
  • Using woodland Japanese White Birch to make a Spanish chair by Masashi Kutsuwa
  • The value of shooting boards by Derek Jones
  • Profile of pioneering greenwoodworker Mike Abbott
  • Stone flattening and storing by Richard Wile
  • Building a sturdy little sliding-lid toolbox by Robin Gates
  • Record’s nickel-plated gem: the Record 043 plough plane by Robin Gates
  • Making a protective case for chisels by Dylan Iwakuni
  • The Medieval Toolbox by Gerwyn Lewis
  • Fish-head marking gauges by Rex Krueger
  • Teaching woodworking to young students by Michael Schloff of Maplewoodshop
  • The craft and art of making popes by Steve Schuler
  • A profile of navigator-turned-planemaker Terry Gordon of HNT Gordon by Phoebe Everill
  • Shaping chair legs with laminations by Nick Gibbs
  • Making a bench-top pony shave by Dan Wallace
  • Some springtime tool purchases by Robin Gates

Issue 5 (March/April 2021) - Table of Contents

  • Keeping alive the tradition of making stave baskets by John Williamson
  • Celebrating mistakes by Guy Windsor
  • The qualities of a good dancing chair by Robin Gates
  • A plane for younger woodworkers by Doug Stowe
  • My time with Edward Barnsley by Esmond Harris
  • An interview with modern bodger Bern Chandley by Phoebe Everill
  • In praise of the elusive Gage smoother plane by Rex Krueger
  • Shaving horses designs - then and now by Drew Langsner
  • The way we make drawers by Derek Jones
  • Book review: Material by Nick Kary by (review by Robin Gates)
  • Attending Elia Bizzarri's and Peter Follansbee's online spoon carving class
  • Barbie’s Woodshop instagram - a new type pf woodworker by Nick Gibbs
  • Using hand tools to dismantle a 92 year old house in the foothills of Mt. Fuji by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Building a 1960s style kitchen storage shelf from recycled wood by Robin Gates
  • Coping saw vs. piercing saw by Robin Gates
  • Excerpt from Axe: The Tools that Shaped a Continent by Brett McLeod
  • Refinishing a Millers Falls spokeshave by Ethan Sincox (the Kilted Woodworker)
  • Improving joinery skills with inspiration from Japan’s Osaka Castle by Tim Brown (the Wireless Woodworker)
  • 18th Century wooden jack planes by Richard Arnold
  • Steam-free techniques for bending back chair legs by Nick Gibbbs
  • Setting up shop in a garden shed - the first of a new column, From the Shed, by Robin Gates

Issue 4 (Jan/Feb 2021) - Table of Contents

  • How I’m passing my craft to my children by Steve Schuler
  • Turning inclusion school students into chairmakers by Adam Flack
  • Greenwoodwork as the antidote to the electronic age by Robin Gates
  • Using both arms to increase skill and versatility by Paul Hayes
  • Using the Ryoba Saw by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Hand tool engraving and how it led me to woodworking by Jenny Bower
  • Fitting drawers into a solid carcase by Derek Jones
  • Deconstructing Gerrit Rietveld’s iconic Red Blue Chair by Robin Gates
  • Book review: Mouldings in Practice (review by Derek Olson)
  • Book review: Rietveld Furniture by (review by Robin Gates
  • Book review The Chair (review by Nick Gibbs)
  • Adapting an Eclipse honing guide by David Charlesworth
  • Restoring a Stanley 151 plane by Mike Fewster
  • Making a Bench Lamp Base by Ethan Sincox (the Kilted Woodworker)
  • Carving coat pegs from tree branches by Jogge Sundqvist
  • Lockdown challenge: Making William Morris Sussex chairs with no workshop and few tools by Nick Gibbs
  • Carving a simple ball by Doug Stowe
  • Making a Pole Lathe on YouTube by Maurice Clother
  • A better design for bench hooks by Robin Gates
  • Instagram woodworking stars Vinko Nino Jaeger, Sophie Sellu and Benoit Averly
  • Greenwood cleaving and sheaving by Mike Abbott
  • Early British planes by Richard Arnold
  • vTurning flasks in Romania by Stuart King
  • Letters to the editor
  • Team spooncarving challenge: axes and knives vs. spokeshaves and gouges
  • Profile of Julia Kalthoff of Kalthoff Axes

Issue 3 (Nov/Dec 2020) - Table of Contents

  • Planing stops by Robin Gates
  • Building a Two-Hour Stool by Alison Ospina
  • Crosscut saw teeth by Brian Williamson
  • Hand skills - was James Krenov right? by Derek Jones
  • Little Acorn Furniture classes by Alasdair Kilpatrick
  • Making a saving horse from sawn timber by Mike Abbott
  • Top ten spokeshave - reader’s poll
  • Inheriting my grandfather’s tool chest by Richard Arnold
  • Review of The Complete Guide to Sharpening by Derek Olson
  • The Digital Craft Festival
  • The Ken Hawley Trust videos of Sheffiled’s toolmaking history by Hugh Thompson
  • Review of The Guide to Woodworking with Kids by Nick Gibbs
  • Review of Eric Sloan’s Museum of Early American Tools by Jason Reuter
  • Turning a woodworking hobby into a side business by Steve Schuler
  • Making Wagaton trays in my garage by Dom Campbell
  • Secrets of marking by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Planing end-grain by Dylan Iwakuni
  • The history of slojd by Jogge Sundqvist
  • The art of bending wood by James Mursell
  • Sharpening gouges by Mary May
  • Fitting an axe handle by Sean Hellman
  • Profile of Richard Kell

Issue 2 (Aug 2020) - Table of Contents

  • Building a straight-legged sawbench by Robin Gates
  • Willow basketry by Sandra Kehoe
  • Lockdown tablemaking by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Thread cutting by Derke Jones
  • Greenwood bowls by Flo Hamer
  • Profile cutters for the Preston Beading Tool by Ethan Sincox, aka the Kilted Woodworker
  • Teaching hand skills a better way by Joe Bray
  • Is power carving handwork? By Kevin Inkster
  • Woodworking on the Cornish beach by Dominic Pearce
  • The importance of blade angles by James Mursell
  • 10 ways to hold a knife with control by Drew Langsner
  • Woodworking for kids by Doug Stowe
  • Understanding grain direction by Mary May
  • Welsh stick chairmaking by Klaus Skrudland
  • The origins of the ubiquitous modern shaving horse by Mike Abbott
  • How a wooden plane changed my life by Richard Arnold
  • Boxwood wood engraving (exhibit at Ashmolean Museum in Oxford)

Issue 1 (Summer 2020) Table of Contents

  • A comparison of John Brown and John Makepeace chairs by David Savage
  • A study of vintage countersinks by Ethan Sincox, aka The Kilted Woodworker
  • Welsh Stick Chair models by Rudy Everts
  • Memories of being a pedlar (peddler) by Barn Carder
  • How to saw by Derek Jones
  • Planing by hand by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Balancing IT work with spooncarving by Russell West
  • Making a replica of a Titanic handrail with vintage wooden tools by Richard Arnold
  • Why Wycombe became the heart of Britain’s chairmaking trade by John Mayes
  • Tensioning a Backsaw by Mark Harrell
  • Reconditioning an old axe head by Sean Hellman
  • Using a hand-powered ripsaw by Robin Gates
  • Designing chair shapes by James Mursell
  • How to use models to design chairs by Robert Turek
  • Carving an elm lamp by hand by Robin Gates
  • Making spokeshaves from kits by John Lloyd
  • Lockdown Challenge: Spooncarving
  • Van Gogh replica chairs by Masashi Kutsuwa
  • Swedish-inspired ladles by Drew Langsner
  • Living off-grid at Le Shack, the Quercus French HQ, by Nick Gibbs
  • Bill Carter’s Hut of 1000 planes
  • Greenwood tools made by hand
  • Exploring the legacy of John Brown and Welsh stick chairs
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By: Ethan Sincox (Feb, 2023)
Quercus Magazine is one of the best things to happen to the Woodworking community in YEARS. Every issue is full of useful information, and not just topics and articles that have been rehashed for years! Just off the top of my head, there have been interesting articles on beading tools, shop lamps, cigar shaves, marking knives, marking gauges, and bog oak! I've heard there's even a great article on slotted screws coming in the next issue (17)! How exciting! It is full of fresh insight from woodworkers around the world! I really love that Quercus is a British magazine, but the publishers have worked to make it more easily accessible to us North American common-folk by offering issues through places like LV and TFWW! Thank you, Joel. It is appreciated maybe more than you will ever know. You should definitely check out this magazine if you want to advance your woodworking knowledge!
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By: Gary Peterson (Apr, 2021)
thank you so much for my ability to catch up on the new Quercus Magazine, now I only need issue 2. Joel how are you and are you guys still in the Bronx in that 3rd, ? , or 4th floor of that so interesting building. (2013)? Truly yours for the passion of trees, woods,and Godly designs in them, Gary Peterson,(sneaky pete) Army Vet and supporter of Rob Cosman's PHP, you tube every other Saturday..... Be safe up there, and away from Covid, In HIM, Gary

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