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Furniture Design & Construction: Classic Projects & Lessons of the Craft

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Furniture Design & Construction: Classic Projects & Lessons of the CraftFurniture Design & Construction: Classic Projects & Lessons of the Craftcancelleft arrowright arrow
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The Illustrated Workshop
by Graham Blackburn

Graham Blackburn is one of the legends of woodworking writing and this book is a reissue of part of a series he did putting in context the three most important concepts in furniture making. How we got to where we are now; how to express an idea in a design; and how to execute the design.

The first part of the book deals with design starting with an overview of historical furniture styles. "This is the how we got where we are now part". Then he discusses, dissects and gives instructions for making 12 furniture pieces of various complexities. Blackburn doesn't try to give you a blow by blow of each saw stroke. What he does is explain the anatomy of what he is making, highlighting any issues you might have as you are making it. Most importantly he explain why he made the design decisions he did. Think of this as a class in furniture making that is practical with a professor that wants you to understand a lot more than just copying a design. Full measurements of the furniture pieces are given along with a cut list but expect to do some work on final shop drawings. The goal here is not just to teach you to make a few specific pieces of furniture - but to be able to use the designs as a jumping off point for your own imagination. What we like most about the book - aside from the sensible and thoughtful instruction is that it is well written and flows. The book is a lot more interesting to read than the old "Cut a board, then cut another board, then a third board....". Blackburn doesn't talk down to you, but at the same time he understands that we are students and need details that might be obvious to others, more experienced than us.

239 pages. 8 1/2 x 11". Illustrated with dozens of black and white illustrations.

*For more information click the links below for sample chapters.
  • Part One - The Lessons
    • Three Pillars of Design*
    • The Golden Mean
    • Functional & Stylistic Aptness
    • Details of Style
  • Part Two - The Projects
    • Media Cabinet
    • A Thinking Man's Chest
    • Jewelry Box
    • Legless Coffee Table
    • Parson's Table
    • Sound Shelving
    • Traveling Trestle Table*
    • Dining Table

Pages: 239
Binding: TP
Publisher: Sprint House Press

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