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Set of 6 Professional Grade Carving Tools by Two Cherries

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Found in Departments: Carving Tool Sets by Two Cherries
  Two Cherries (Kirschen)
Set of  6 Professional Grade Carving Tools by Two CherriesSet of  6 Professional Grade Carving Tools by Two Cherriescancelleft arrowright arrow
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Code: EE-505-0006.XX
 Set of 6 Professional Grade Carving Tools ($451.80) In Stock
This set of 6 professional size Two Cherries carving tools is recommended as an adjunct to our 12 piece professional set or can, with some minor reservations, serve as a starter set on its own. As a starter set it is missing things like a straight chisel which you may already have and because it avoids duplication with the 12 piece set it doesn't contain the classic starting sizes - which our other 6 piece professional set has. But I'm sitting on the fence on this one because you can always get individual chisels to make up for any missing tools and if this is you first set this leaves open the chance to add the 12 piece set later on at a very economical price. For a description of carving tool terminologyClick here..
The set contains the following six tools:
  • EE-505-02.14 - Straight Shank Skew Chisel - 14mm wide
  • EE-505-06.16 - Straight Shank Gouge #6 Sweep - 16mm wide
  • EE-505-08.06 - Straight Shank Gouge #8 Sweep - 6mm wide
  • EE-505-11.14 - Straight Shank Gouge #11 Sweep - 14mm wide
  • EE-505-16.10 - Long Bent Gouge 10mm wide
  • EE-505-39.14 - Straight 75 deg V Chisel 14mm wide
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