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Festool All Brilliant Abrasives and 15V Cordless Drills Being Discontinued


Festool All Brilliant Abrasives and 15V Cordless Drills Being Discontinued 4About two years ago Festool introduced their Granat abrasives line. It has a larger range of grits than than the older Brilliant 2 and is also more versatile. So this year, this month in fact, Festool is discontinuing all the Brilliant 2 abrasives and suggesting Granat as a replacement. Brilliant 2 is less expensive than Granat but is really meant only for sanding finishes. We still have lots of stock and will leave it on the site for the next week or so when we will pull it off the shelves. We might keep the 5" and 6" disks around longer but some of the less popular sizes will be disappear. We cannot take backorders on Brilliant.

In addition to the Brilliant Festool is discontinuing their line of 15V cordless drills. Don't worry, batteries will still be available. The general thought is that most people opt for the stronger 18V system and while 15V drills have a place they are too niche to warrant shelve space. So again, we have stock in both "T" and "C" handled drills and they will be available for the next week on our site. Please see here and here for the C type and T type styles respectively.

As usual all Festool products orders over $50 are eligible for free shipping.

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