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When Tomorrow Isn't Fast Enough - Same Day Delivery!


If you are one of the local, indigenous artisanal makers in Brooklyn or Manhattan or LIC, (using naturally sourced organic materials of course) see last weeks blog if you don't know what I'm talking about, you are either in a mad dash to finish up some project so that you can deliver by September or you are in summer catching your breath mode and planning a mad marketing dash to roust out some work for the fall when customers are back from their summer vacations.

We might be able to help you a bit with the former and make your day a little less hectic. After years of doing this unofficially we are formally introducing same day delivery.

Compared to regular delivery I know it's not cheap. We deliver Festool orders over $50 usually the next day for free, and everything else in the FedEx 1 day zone for very little (we lose money on shipping) but sometimes you are in a massive rush and you need to save the time.

You have two choices:
Plan A:
Go there. That is, come to our showroom, get what you need and go back to work. If you wish you can place the order on-line 24/7 and select the shipping option "Hold For Pickup" and then either you or someone you send can just come by and pick up the order. There is a lot to be said for that option, you get to figure out what you need without anyone breathing down your neck, and our website shows current inventory all the time. (as accurate as we can make it). Since you give us payment information on the website, you don't need to give anyone your credit card.


Plan B:
Select the same day delivery option and have us ship it to you. When we get a same day delivery order we use a large messenger service - Breakaway Courier with lots of trucks and you will have what you need in three hours or less. See here for the full list of conditions.
I know messengers are expensive, but for orders over $75 we subsidize the cost ($35) and unless we happen to be right near you we think sometimes saving the travel time to and from is the difference between getting something done on time and not getting something done on time. We hope, as same day deliver becomes more well known, we will be able to lower the cost. But for now, if you are in a jam when time is more valuable to you than anything else, we can get you going. You can place the order on-line 24/7 and if the same day delivery option is available the website will tell you when it will arrive. Same day is currently only available in Brooklyn, Manhattan, LIC Queens. If you are outside those areas we might be able to do it too, it depends on exactly where you live and what you need. Give us a call and ask. Of course if what you need is back-ordered same day delivery won't be listed as an option.

Buy Tickets to Maker Faire Today!N.B. We were pleased to see Tools for Working Wood listed as a sponsor of the 2013 Maker Faire in Flushing Queens. This is a great event and you definitely want to bring the family. We plan an exciting booth, with fun stuff and classic tools, techniques, and maybe even a T-shirt or two. It's a amazing to me how many parents I know are bringing their kids. Making stuff is fun and there are tons of stuff for the kids to do and it will be inspiring.
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08/13/2013 Adam
Joel, these are decent options, but I'll be waiting for option C: 100% emissions free bespoke delivery on a hand crafted, locally sourced bicycle with artisan brazed tubing and a locally sourced, hand cured leather saddle.

Ok, that was probably over the top.
Your wish is our command - actually if your package is light enough Breakaway has a whole fleet of bike messengers that they regularly use.
08/13/2013 Jalex Gallie
You folks at TFWW must be a awesome vendor to offer that delivery service for your local clients. Here on the West Coast, meaning secluded Sierra Foothill Western facing reign anything is available when you enter a Local Supplier or business. It's "I can order that for you,[because you don't know how],It should be in, inn-about Two to Eight Weeks,[because we don't know to buy it yet] I'll need a 100% pre-payment and A valid credit card,[cause you'll need to pay for any errors we make in procuring this for you and we aren't sure well get the shipping right] your Work phone and Home Phone number, will call you when we get it in". Then you can check your supplier and NO ONE knows any thing regarding your order or status, but will call you back tomorrow which they don't. The good oll-buddy days died long ago along with the family operated business. In other words," Of the deal's I have made with TFWW you have honored them with just a tad of neighborly candor" so you'll get my repeat patronage. I just wish I could just stop in from time to time.
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