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New for 2011


New for 2011 4First of all I want to thank everyone for 2010. It was a hard year all around but overall we did okay and we even were able to add a couple of great new products such as our new The Gramercy Tools Veneer Saw and Carpentry and Joinery Illustrated.
For 2011 we have new products on the table and also a lot of changes to the website. Most of the website changes with year will be internal - to help us manage growth on a website that has been pretty stable for going on 12 years. Other changes are to help you find products easier and with better context. Take a look here and here. For the first time you can get a complete picture of all the sizes of full sized carving tools or block cutting carving tools - with a visual indication of all the sizes we stock, what we have at any given time, presented in a way that only a printed chart used to show - except now the information will be current. There are some small bugs in the new stuff but bear with us and give it a test run.

In other changes you might find it a little harder to get me on the phone. I am currently out of the office recovering from a big bout of sickness and I have been urged to reduce the amount of time I spend each day talking. It's hard for me to do that as I love talking to customers from everywhere and keeping in touch is really important to me. But basically what happened in the past month is that I got sick, didn't give my voice enough time to recover, and found myself really really sick. So if you need me please try email . As a company we have grown way past where I can handle all the support we need so we have a lot of great people who can help you with just about anything - even sound technical advice. Staffing support is an area that will be expanded this year too.

From all of us at Tools for Working Wood to all of You. We wish you and yours a happy and healthy New Year!!

--Joel and everyone at TFWW
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12/30/2010 Bob
A few tweaks I would make to the carving tools table...

I would include a key as to the meanings of the colors. I could not figure out what they represent. I would also tone them down, they seem rather punchy.

The vertical lines are really hard to see especially on the dark orange.

Finally I would make all of the "style" descriptions clickable so you don't have to scroll to the top to see what a "single angle dog leg" style shank is. You would need to chop up the style chart with an individual link for each style though.

Overall I really dig it and it makes me want to take up carving...
12/31/2010 Rick Roberts

Thank you for all you bring to the tool world. Your products and service are at the top of their class. Your site is one of the few I always check when I am looking for new tools.

Hope the next year brings more prosperity to all the woodworkers and to TFWW.
01/02/2011 Gary Roberts

From one flu recipient to another, rest and get well soon! The wood will still be there when you get back.

01/09/2011 Alex
Thank you for your exceptional service and advise. I moved to New York just a year ago (from Europe)and found your Shop very helpful for building up my business....
Have a successful year!
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