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The Gramercy Tools Veneer Saw

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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 Saw with 15 pt. 60 degree blade (English Style) ($199.00) In Stock
 Saw with 15 pt. 60 - 60 degree blade (French Style) ($199.00) In Stock
 Saw with 15 pt. 90 degree blade (English Style) ($199.00) In Stock
 Saw with custom filed blade for thick, hand-sawn veneer (King Kong) ($199.00) In Stock
 Blade only - 15 pt. 60 degrees (English Style) ($114.95) In Stock
 Blade only - 15 pt. 60 - 60 degrees (French Style) ($114.95) In Stock
 Blade only - 15 pt. 90 degrees (English Style) ($114.95) In Stock
 Blade only - King Kong - custom filed for thick hand sawn veneer ($114.95) In Stock
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The Gramercy Tools Veneer Saw is based on traditional French pattern veneer saws, and is designed to be used against a straightedge. Unlike the offset handle of an English-style veneer saw, French pattern saws can be used with either hand. The placement of the handle locates the pressure from sawing directly over the cut allowing you to work quickly and with increased control.

The Gramercy Veneer Saw's most revolutionary feature is its steel backer plate. The solid steel plate improves the handling of the saw, makes for a stronger assembly, and allows for the quick change of blades. The enhanced rigidity of the saw allows you to feel positive contact between the tool and your straight edge as you slice the veneer. This feedback lets you know the saw is following the edge you wish to cut along.

The saws blade is removed by loosening the three stainless steel screws. With the blade out, you can switch to another blade, or sharpen the one you have and get back to work. A quarter turn is usually enough to snug or loosen the blade.

The Saw handle is made of American Black Walnut. The blades are etched with the Gramercy Logo, and marked in the corner with their tooth pattern for quick reference. The blades use the same 1095 spring steel used on our Gramercy Back Saws. This hard-wearing steel will hold a keen edge, but allows for resharpening. As always, Gramercy Tools saws are shipped sharp and ready to use.
We offer a selection of blades to fit your preference and application. All blades are pitched at 15 points per inch. Our blade numbering system refers first to the blades pitch, and secondly to its tooth shape. For example a 15-90 blade has 15 points per inch, and is filed with a square file that creates a 90 degree gullet between points.
15-60: This traditional pattern may have originated in England. It is the most common style of blade in use. It cuts well in thin veneer, and is an excellent all around blade.
15-90: This modified traditional blade is a proprietary Gramercy design specifically for delicate woods. We use a square file instead of a three-corner (triangular) file to shape the teeth and the result is a relaxed rake that can cut smoothly in difficult grain.
15-60/60: This blade is patterned after old-world French saws. This is a traditional pattern, but also a controversial one. Because the blade features teeth that appear to face' one another, this blade cuts with different characteristics depending on how it is held. For some this can be infuriating; for others, it's a joy to use. In the workshop here at Gramercy Tools, it's a house favorite.
King Kong This blade, from the Gramercy Tools Custom Shop was developed specifically for use with hand-sawn veneer. It is sold only as a replacement blade, and is described more thoroughly below.
Unbeveled: In addition to the blades above we offer unbeveled blades for special applications. The blade is filed but not beveled, and is available in 15-60, 15-90, and 15-60/60 patterns. These blades are available by request.

From the Gramercy Custom Shop - King Kong for thicker veneers

This modified 15-60 veneer saw blade is specifically designed to meet the needs of the eboniste, marqueter or crafts-person using hand-sawn or otherwise thicker veneer. Designed using feedback from master craftsmen Patrick Edwards and Patrice LeJeune of the American School of French Marquetry, King Kong features a filing pattern similar to our Gramercy Sash Saw. The blade has no set, and only a light dusting of bevel. This allows it to cut with less drag than standard bevel veneer blades while tracking along a straightedge.

If you work with thick veneer, this blade is an excellent addition to your arsenal.

Made in the USA

One of the simplest tools in my tool chest is the veneer saw. I use it for making straight cuts either with the grain or crossgrain. The veneer saw that I have had for decades is serviceable, but hardly an implement of great precision.
I recently came into possession of a Gramercy Tools veneer saw. This is a serious woodworking tool and there was obviously a lot of thought that went into its production. They have taken the saw and looked at each individual aspect of the tool, designing it accordingly. For instance, the saw can be used comfortably by either a right or left handed person. (This is not the case with the standard veneer saw). The steel in the blades is heavy and flat (again not the case on the standard model). The blade is easily sharpened. And finally, there are three interchangeable blades, which can be switched easily depending on the task at hand.
In testing the veneer saw I have discovered that I get excellent rip cuts right off the blade, saving me time and energy in jointing the material after cutting.
I commend Gramercy for offering this fine addition to the veneer craftsman's toolkit."
- Silas Kopf

"...the Gramercy veneer saw is a well-engineered, finely made tool that comes razor sharp..." - Fine Woodworking Oct. 2011

"I have used a number of veneer saws over the past eight years and have never been satisfied that it was doing what I wanted it to do. In every case I was left with something else to do for perfectly jointed edges. Yesterday I opened the box of the new Gramercy Veneer saw and made clean cuts of 28" in 12 pieces of gnarly tiger maple veneer... flawlessly. When simple things are done by simple processes in simple motions I am beside myself. Thanks for delivering such a superior user experience. A blinding glimpse of the obvious. What was I thinking fiddling about with my Kunz saw for so long?" - John B. Aug. 2011

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By: Pacheco (Nov, 2023)
Best tool out of all my veneer cutting tools. Worth the money.
I own this product.
By: Jeff (Dec, 2022)
I have used standard veneer saws for years, and always found them functional but a PITA. I was just at a class where we were able to try these. The other class participants had never used any veneer saw and were able to cut brittle mahogany crotches without any problem. I was able to cut out a full set of drawer fronts in about 20 minutes and do it with either hand. This is a great saw. Both of us who intend to do more veneer work in the future purchased this saw on our phones during a class break.
I own this product.
By: John (Sunbury, Victoria,Australia) (Apr, 2018)
I am left handed, and after searching for a suitable veneer saw ordered the Gramercy veneer saw with the 15 tpi 60 blade and an additional 15 tpi 90 degree blade. It arrived in 10 days perfectly packaged to Australia. Upon opening the package, I find that I am now the proud owner of a truly remarkable artisan tool. Beautifully crafted and expertly designed. This saw has true heft and weight, simplistic perfection. Thank you so much for the speedy service and a truly fantastic tool. I look forward to being able to take my next veneer project to a higher standard with the assistance of my new tool, superb!!
I own this product.
By: McKay Sleight (Jan, 2018)
This saw makes veneering extremely enjoyable. I can easily saw to rough length, joint and then glue the pieces together. A little pricey but well worth the money.
I own this product.
Veneer saw
By: Craig Tufankjian (Nov, 2016)
Received my veneer saw and blades today. An exceptional hand tool that is well made and well packaged.Thanks fellas!
I own this product.
smoth, silent, and killer saw
By: paul reinstein (Aug, 2016)
wow, first try to cut with this was perfect. I love it when a tool is silent and works as fast and easy as a power tool, but with better results. if you're cutting veneer, this is it folks.
I own this product.
Vaneer Saw
By: vipul (Feb, 2016)
I love it. Nice cut on Vaneer. Keep up the good work guys!!!!!
I own this product.
By: Steve (Jul, 2015)
Excellent veneer saw right out of the box. A pleasure to use and own.
I own this product.
By: Peter (Apr, 2013)
Beautiful tool.
I own this product.
Absolute finest veneer saw
By: Mike (Mar, 2013)
I received the Gramercy Veneer Saw this morning and I just wanted to congratulate you guys on making the absolute finest veneer saw on the face of the planet. Beautiful tool, you are going to make my work a piece of cake!
I own this product.

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