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Whiteside Plus Dimar Glue Line Rip Table Saw Blades

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Whiteside Router Bits
Found in Departments: Table Saw Blades
  Whiteside Router Bits
Whiteside Plus Dimar Glue Line Rip Table Saw BladesWhiteside Plus Dimar Glue Line Rip Table Saw Bladescancelleft arrowright arrow
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 10" Glue Line Rip Saw Blade (90121411, formerly 90121401) ($79.27) In Stock
The Whiteside Plus Dimar ripping blades are designed for aggressive cutting with the grain in solid woods. Whiteside, the maker of the best router bits available, has partnered with Dimar, an experienced blade making company, to produce these blades.

The Glue Line Ripping Blade with triple chip grind (TCG) geometry offers an extremely smooth surface for gluing and finish work without additional planing or sanding.

Diameter: 10''
Tooth Count: 30
Bore: 5/8''
Kerf: 0.142''
Hook Angle: 22 Degrees
Tooth Geometry: TCG
Material: Solid Wood
Maximum RPM: 7600
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