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Pica Joiner Master-Set

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Found in Departments: Pencils and Markers
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The handy, organized and very useful Pica Joiner Master Set makes a thoughtful gift for yourself - or another lucky recipient. The “Joiner” set is useful for joiners, of course, but also for cabinetmakers, fabricators, decorators, architects, etc. - anyone who enjoys having the appropriate marking tool at the ready.

The velcro-fastened black case includes a variety of pencils, markers and refills so you can make your mark on the full range of your projects’ surfaces.

The set includes one each of the following:

  • Pica Fine Dry Longlife 0.9mm Automatic Pencil #7070
  • Pica Fine Dry Refill Set - Graphite H 0.9mm #7050
  • Pica-Dry Longlife Automatic Pencil #3030
  • Pica-Dry Refill Set Joiner - Graphite H #4050
  • Pica-Dry Refill Set Basic, Graphite 2B, Red, Yellow #4020
  • Pica-Ink Deep Hole Marker - Black #150/46
  • Pica Classic Instant-white Pen #532/52

  • Made in Germany.

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