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Pica BIG-Ink Smart-Use Marker XL

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Found in Departments: Pencils and Markers
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 Pica BIG-Ink Smart-Use Marker XL - Black ($10.42) In Stock
 Pica BIG-Ink Smart-Use Marker XL - Red ($10.42) In Stock
 Pica BIG-Ink Smart-Use Marker XL - White ($10.42) In Stock
Write on almost everything in your path - wood, tile, plastic, PVC, pallet wrap, cardboard, concrete, etc. The clever design of the Big Ink’s double toothed cap clip keeps the marker holstered and lets you quickly grab it without fumbling. And the Big Ink’s bullet tip allows you to write in both deep and shallow holes, with a cushiony flow that makes the writing experience enjoyable. Think of it as a permanent marker and a deep hole marker in one.

The markings are easily visible and precise, whether on glossy or dry surfaces, and are immediately smudge resistant. The stainless steel tube around the writing nib keeps the marker tidy and fingers nice and clean.

Made in Germany.

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