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Osmo Application Microfiber Rollers & Frames

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OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
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  OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
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10 cm (4 in) Microfiber Roller - Package of 10 Rollers ($32.99) Not available
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Osmo Roller Frame- 10 cm ($4.99) Not available
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Osmo rollers are specifically designed to get an optimal think coating of Osmo finish onto your wood. You'll get both convenience and professional-looking results. Just remember to saturate the roller lightly and to smooth out any product excesses and roller tracks immediately.

You can cover the roller with plastic wrap or a sealed plastic bag between the first and second Osmo coats. Ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use.

Made in Germany.

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