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Odie's Wax - Clear

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OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
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  Oils, Varnishes and Lacquers
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 Odie's Wax - Clear 9 oz ($53.57) In Stock
Odie's Wax is a food-safe, non-toxic wax that uses food grade citrus oil as its solvent. Use it when you want to add a little more sheen or revive an old piece. A very tiny amount will do the trick. It’s safe for people, pets and plants.

To use, apply with a non-woven pad (like our Bear Tex pads) and let the wax set up for 90 minutes to 2 hours. Then buff with a towel. That’s it!

You can use Odie’s Wax after you’ve applied Odie's Oil to bring out the shine or use it on its own. Either way you’ll bring out a warm sheen. Odie’s Wax is suitable for lighter woods or any wood where only minimal color change with added depth is desired. Like all Odie’s products, a tiny amount goes a long way.

Odie’s Wax can be used on both interior and exterior wood surfaces and contains. natural UV inhibitors. Odie’s Wax is also a great friction polish for woodturning.

As with all Odie’s products, a little goes a very long way. Odie’s Finishes, including the Odie's Wax, can be used on virtually any surface, including wood, concrete, clay, marble, brick, metal, plastic, leather, and epoxy.

Comes in a 9 oz. re-useable glass jar. Domestic Ground shipment only (cannot be shipped by air).
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