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Odie's Wood Butter - Clear

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 Odie's Wood Butter - Clear 9 oz ($53.57) In Stock
Odie’s Wood Butter is great for building a lustrous sheen. It’s food-safe, solvent-free, and completely non-toxic. Use it like a soft wax - especially on oily and exotic woods that typically have difficulty absorbing finish. You can use it on its own or in conjunction with Odie’s Oil (and other Odie’s products).

As with all Odie’s products, a little Odie’s Wood Butter goes a long way - with no solvents to evaporate, what you put on the wood stays there. Use it on both new wood or dry, previously finished wood that needs some rejuvenation. It works wonders on even the oilest of woods, where penetration can be problematic. It’s also a great finish for woodturning.

To use, apply a very small amount of Odie's Wood Butter with a pad. Wait 90 minutes or so for the Wood Butter to set, then wipe it off with a terry cloth. No need for sanding or stripping in between coats or for retouching.

Odie’s Finishes, including the Wood Butter, can be used on virtually any surface, including wood, concrete, clay, marble, brick, metal, plastic, leather, and epoxy.

Comes in a 9 oz. re-useable glass jar. Domestic Ground shipment only (cannot be shipped by air).
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