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Odie's Oil -Dark

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 Odie's Oil - Dark 9 oz ($44.73) Sold Out
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Odie’s Oil - Dark is a version of Odie’s Oil that contains natural oxidizing oils that darken wood, adding contrast, depth and patina, not only when applied, but also as wood ages.

Like the original Odie’s Oil, Odie’s Dark is a 100% natural, food safe, solvent free, non-toxic hardwax oil finish. You’ll be astonished how little you’ll need to get a beautiful, durable finish. In one of the Odie’s Oil video that the Odie’s founder posts on their website, he finishes an entire table with under 1 oz of Odie’s Oil. As he says, “The biggest mistake is using too much.” Depending upon the density and porosity of wood, a 9 oz jar might cover as much as 400 square feet.

To use, stir the contents of the jar thoroughly with a tongue depressor or popsicle stick to emulsify. Dampen a woven non-abrasive pad (like our BearTex White pads) with some Odie’s Dark then wipe the oil clinging to the tongue depressor onto your workpiece. Is this conveying how little product you need? Go over the workpiece again with the pad. Make sure you haven’t missed any spot. You will barely need to re-saturate the pad. Work in the pad with the Odie’s Darkl then smear a bit from the tongue depressor onto the table. Go over the table again with the same pad. Make sure you haven’t missed anything. Give your work an hour or so to set up, then buff with a terry cloth. (A decommissioned towel is good for this purpose.) That’s it!

The concept behind all of Odie’s Oil products is “what is applied to the wood is what stays in the wood.”The wood surface and pores are completely saturated with the oils and waxes in the Odie’s that is applied, so there is no room for unwanted water, moisture or stains from wine, oil, grease, juice, etc! The wood pores remain saturated with oils and waxes.

If you want to enhance the sheen, you can top the Odie’s Dark with Odie’s Dark Wood Butter or Odie’s Dark Wax. Odie’s Finishes, including the Odie's Oil, can be used on virtually any surface, including wood, concrete, clay, marble, brick, metal, plastic, leather, and epoxy.

Note: Oil soaked rags can spontaneously combust. Dispose used rags in a sealed container.

Comes in a re-useable glass jar. Domestic Ground shipment only (cannot be shipped by air).
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