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Water Stones by Pride Abrasives Made in USA

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Pride Abrasive
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Water Stones by Pride Abrasives Made in USAWater Stones by Pride Abrasives Made in USAcancelleft arrowright arrow
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Single Grit Stones
220 grit (55 microns) Light Orange alt="220 grit (55 microns) Light Orange"cancel 220 grit (55 microns) Light Orange ($48.95) In Stock
400 grit (29 microns) Brown alt="400 grit (29 microns) Brown"cancel 400 grit (29 microns) Brown ($48.95) In Stock
 600 grit (24 micron) Light Green ($51.95) In Stock
 800 grit (19 micron) Light Purple ($55.95) In Stock
1000 grit (14 micron) Yellow alt="1000 grit (14 micron) Yellow"cancel 1000 grit (14 micron) Yellow ($56.95) In Stock
3000 grit (5 micron) Grey alt="3000 grit (5 micron) Grey"cancel 3000 grit (5 micron) Grey ($68.95) In Stock
6000 grit (3 micron) Light Blue alt="6000 grit (3 micron) Light Blue"cancel 6000 grit (3 micron) Light Blue ($85.95) In Stock
8000 grit (2 micron) White alt="8000 grit (2 micron) White"cancel 8000 grit (2 micron) White ($99.95) In Stock
10000 grit (1.2 micron) Pink alt="10000 grit (1.2 micron) Pink"cancel 10000 grit (1.2 micron) Pink ($144.95) In Stock
Combination Stones
220/1000 grit alt="220/1000 grit"cancel 220/1000 grit ($42.95) In Stock
400/3000 grit alt="400/3000 grit"cancel 400/3000 grit ($53.95) In Stock
1000/6000 grit alt="1000/6000 grit"cancel 1000/6000 grit ($65.95) In Stock
1000/8000 grit alt="1000/8000 grit"cancel 1000/8000 grit ($74.95) In Stock
3000/8000 grit alt="3000/8000 grit"cancel 3000/8000 grit ($79.95) In Stock
6000/10000 grit alt="6000/10000 grit"cancel 6000/10000 grit ($89.95) In Stock
Pride Abrasives is a family-owned company that offers a comprehensive line of great water stones that are made in the USA.

All stones are 8" x 3" x 1" thick and come in a wooden box. br>
For normal sharpening, we recommend starting with the1000 grit to form a wire edge; then jumping to 6000 grit to start polishing and abrading the wire; and finally finishing up with an 8000 or 10000 grit stone to complete the polishing process. You should continue with the final polishing stones until you cannot feel any wire edge and the surfaces are polished. A good rule of thumb is use your polishing stone until you think you are done, and then continue for a few minutes more. Then strop with a horse butt strop without any honing compound. (Stropping compound is typically coarser than either the 8k or 10k polishing stones.)

For faster results, especially on harder alloys, you might want to raise the wire starting with a 400 or 600 grit stone and then progress to 1000 grit stone.

For kitchen knives, starting with a 220 grit stone will raise a wire quickly. Stopping at 6000 or even 3000 should be fine for most kitchen knives, with the exception of fish knives, which benefit from as fine a polishing stone as you have.

All stones should be soaked before use for 10-15 minutes (or longer). For best results, use these stones with low pressure and keep the surface wet. Let the stone do the work!

Make up your own set! Purchase 3 or more Pride waterstones and receive a 10% discount. The discount will automatically show up in your basket.(Flattening plates are not included in this offer.)

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