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Universal 175 Saw

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Universal 175 Saw - Complete Saw alt="Universal 175 Saw - Complete Saw"cancel Universal 175 Saw - Complete Saw ($18.95) In Stock
Universal 175 Saw - Replacement blade alt="Universal 175 Saw - Replacement blade"cancel Universal 175 Saw - Replacement blade ($9.95) In Stock
This small, inexpensive and eminently functional saw offers a nice way to get accustomed to Japanese pull saws - and also handy to have around to cut solid wood, plywood, etc. It takes up almost no space in your tool bag, weighs almost nothing, and costs little yet will bail you out of a lot of challenging circumstances.

The blade has sharply ground Universal (Rip/Cross/Slant) cutting teeth and is made of high carbon steel, strong and durable. Blade Length: 180mm (7 inches) . Thickness: 0.50mm. Pitch: 1.40mm (18TPI). Kerf : 0.66mm.

Made in Japan.

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