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Threadchasing Tool Set by Ray Iles - 16tpi

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Ray Iles | Exclusive Importers in the USA
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Threadchasing Tool Set by Ray Iles - 16tpiThreadchasing Tool Set by Ray Iles - 16tpicancelleft arrowright arrow
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Here's another tool Ray started making because he got so many requests. The set consists of three tools that will chase 16tpi threads. One tool is for cutting external threads; another for internal threads; and the third for undercutting the inside bottom of the internal threads so that you get a clean exit when you do the final thread cutting. This last tool can also be used as a support when using the internal thread cutter. We sent the tool set to Fred Holder, the author of Making Screw Threads in Wood and editor of More Woodturning magazine to see what he thought. He responded,
"I have a drawer full of thread chasers and these are the best I've ever used."
He was so pleased he gave us an article (Click here) he had written about threadchasing to be included with the tool set. Made of carbon steel with teeth that are correctly skewed to fit into a 16tpi thread. Beech handles. Made in England.
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By: Cosmin Dini (Dec, 2016)
Some dude gave these tools a bad review simply because they were out of stock. It's only fair that I give them a good review since they are now back in stock.
Work Very Well
By: Jim (Jan, 2016)
These are excellent tools and work very well for my thread chasing which is mostly small boxes and ornaments. I like the shape of the inside chaser for smaller openings. Not HSS so I cannot sharpen them on my CBN wheel but that is not a major drawback.
I own this product.
By: Scott (Sep, 2015)
When will these tools be available again? I've been wanting to purchase a set for a while but they always say they are out of stock....

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