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Grace USA 8 oz. Brass Hammer with Long Head

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Grace USA | Screwdrivers Made In USA
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The Grace USA 8 oz Brass Hammer with a Long Head is made with Grace USA’s customary care and precision. The seasoned hickory handle is pressed into the finished brass head and secured brass pinned. The brass head is hand turned one at a time from solid 360 brass and then hand polished. In these respects, the hammer is just like its standard Grace hammer counterparts.

What sets it apart is the length of its head - its diameter is approximately 2.5” inches compared to the 1.125" diameter on the standard 8 oz (and 16 oz.) Grace brass Hammers.

Choose the Long hammer when you need the extra reach -- and for a variety of uses (instrument making, adjusting your tools, dowel joinery, etc.). Grace hammers are very sturdy, but at the same time have an elegance and balance that make them extremely well suited to precision work with a variety of materials and trades.

Made in USA.

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