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Green Micro-fine Honing Compound

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Found in Departments: Sharpening Stones, Abrasives, Wheels and Equipment
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When shopping around for "green" honing compound, we learned a few things. First, the green color comes from the dye the maker uses, so all the different grits of rouge bars look different. Second, all green rouges are not alike. Even this maker makes two grades - regular grade, and this micro-fine grade, which is made primarily of Chromium Oxide along with some other abrasives. This honing compound was designed especially to add the ultimate, razor-sharp edge to woodworking tools. Use it by hand with a strop, or apply it to a buffing wheel. Made in the USA by one of the largest rouge manufacturers in the country, but without an expensive brand name. The large 6 oz. bar will last a very long time.
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