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DMT DiaFold Diamond Flat File - Single Sided

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DMT - Diamond Sharpening Equipment
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The DiaFold Diamond Flat File is a tapered single sided sharpener that fits where other sharpeners can't. The 1/16" thick diamond "file" tapers from 1/4" wide at the tip to 3/4" at the handle. Diamond is one of the few abrasives able to sharpen carbide so the thin shape of the DiaFold Flat File makes it a natural choice for sharpening router-bits.

We always knew these would be a specialty purpose sharpener, and we had initially bought a couple DiaFold Flat Files to try them as an alternative method for sharpening auger bits. They're a little too wide for bits smaller than about 1 1/4", but we found the thin profile, and diamond abrasive to be useful in tight spots too narrow, or too hard (like carbide) for a mill file. You won't need this sharpener all the time, but when you do, it's likely to be the only tool for the job.

Dimensions: Abrasive surface measures 4 1/2" by 1/4" by 3/4" and is 1/16" thick with a 5" long handle. Folded dimensions are 5" by 1 1/4" by 7/16"

DMT DiaFold Sharpeners are Made in the USA

Extra Extra Coarse - Diamond Size: 120 micron, 120 mesh DMT Color Code: Silver
Use for Edge Repair, resetting or changing a bevel angle, or flattening another stone.

Extra Coarse - Diamond Size: 60 micron, 220 mesh DMT Color Code: Black
Use for edge repair, resetting or changing a bevel, or flattening fine grit water stones. Good first step for flattening the backs of chisels and plane irons. Color code: Black 60 micron, 220 mesh.

Coarse- Diamond Size: 45 micron, 325 mesh DMT Color Code: Blue
Use for restoring very dull edges, coarse cutting tools, such as froes, lawnmower blades, axes or mortise chisels. Can be used for flattening chisels and plane irons.

Fine- Diamond Size: 25 micron, 600 mesh DMT Color Code: Red
Good intermediate step for plane irons, chisels, or carving tools. Perfect for general sharpening - this is the grit we keep in the kitchen to sharpen knives that see abuse. For woodworking we recommend following this grit with a finer grit diamond stone, water stone, or diamond paste.

Extra Fine- Diamond Size: 9 micron, 1200 mesh DMT Color Code: Gray
Good for use as an intermediate step for plane irons, chisels, or carving tools. Excellent single stone for sharpening kitchen knives. For woodworking we recommend following this grit with a water stone, diamond paste, or extra extra fine grit stone.

Extra Extra Fine- Diamond Size: 3 micron, 8000 mesh DMT Color Code: Tan
Provides the finest grade micronized bonded diamond abrasive available. Surprisingly quick stock removal with millions of diamond cutting edges.

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