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BT&C Dewaxed Shellac

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  Shellac and French Polishing
BT&C  Dewaxed Shellac - Blonde and Garnet shellac flakesBT&C  Dewaxed Shellac - Blonde and Garnet shellac flakescancelleft arrowright arrow
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- Blonde and Garnet shellac flakes

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 Dewaxed Blond Flakes - 1/2 Pound ($34.95) In Stock
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BT&C Shellac puts the finishing touch on small craft and woodworking projects. Blonde and Garnet flakes dissolve easily in alcohol, mixing up to a beautiful finish for wood, cork, plaster, metal, or even cloth wrapped bicycle handle bars.

Shellac is a natural resin secreted by the Lac bug. Our BT&C shellac flakes are de-waxed, and refined for an absolutely clear finish. Shellac makes a great primer, or sealant. It blocks odors and seals in stains, while at the same time, providing a surface that most paints and finishes can stick to.

We test each batch of shellac before packaging, and use high barrier plastic bags with oxygen and moisture absorbers to ensure BT&C shellac arrives fresh. Once opened, store unused flakes in an airtight container (such as a mason jar), and keep in a cool dry environment. Mix up fresh batches of shellac as needed; for best results use mixed shellac within 3 months.

BT&C shellac is produced in India and packaged in Brooklyn.

Mixing: Begin by procuring some denatured alcohol(usually a mixture of Ethanol and Methanol). Grain alcohol (Ethanol) above 190 proof is safer and is available in some states at liquor stores. Wear gloves and eye protection and work in a well ventilated area.

Pour alcohol over the shellac flakes in a glass jar. Screw on the lid and shake often until dissolved: typically 20-40 minutes.

Brush, dip, or wipe shellac onto any clean dry surface. Allow to dry between coats. Add as many coats as you wish.

Cleaning Brushes: Don’t. Instead, brush away excess shellac, and hang to dry. Before next use, limber stiff bristles with a quick soak in shellac or alcohol.

Cut: The ratio of pounds of shellac to gallons of alcohol is known as the "cut." For example two pounds of shellac flakes dissolved in 1 gallon of alcohol is called a "two-pound cut," and is typical for brushing applications.

1 lb. Flakes + 1/2 Gal. Alcohol = Two-Pound Cut

1/2 lb. Flakes + 1/2 Gal. Alcohol = One-Pound Cut

1/4 lb. Flakes + 1/2 Gal. Alcohol = Half-Pound Cut

It is also perfectly acceptable to use less scientific ratios. One of our favorites is:

1 handful Flakes + 8-12 oz mason jar of Alcohol = Perfectly Good Cut for most applications (or adjust to suit!)

Customer Reviews:
My favorite shellac, professional grade.
By: Drew Lynford (Aug, 2016)
I restore fine furniture and French polish professionally in Philadelphia. Out of the four kinds of shellac I use onsite, BT&C blonde is my favorite. It builds quickly and has a great subtle Amber tone that highlights grain and figure. This is the shellac I reach for to do my best work for demanding clientele.
I own this product.

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