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Fuller Brad Points Drill Bits for Hardwood - Made In USA

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W. L. Fuller  Drill Bits - Made In USA
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  W. L. Fuller Drill Bits - Made In USA
Fuller Brad Points Drill Bits for Hardwood - Made In USAFuller Brad Points Drill Bits for Hardwood - Made In USAcancelleft arrowright arrow
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 7 Piece - 1/8" - 1/2" by 16ths in a vinyl pouch (1/4" and larger have 1/4" shank) ($82.26) In Stock
 Set 14 - 3/32" - 1/2" by 32nds in a steel case (3/8" and up have 3/8" shank) ($157.24) In Stock
 SET 28 - 5/64" -1/2" by 64ths in a steel case. (3/8" and up have 3/8" shank) ($296.35) In Stock
 1/8" (FL:1-5/8" OV:2-3/4") ($4.96) In Stock
 9/64" (FL:1-3/4" OV:2-7/8") ($5.17) In Stock
 5/32" (FL:2" OV:3-1/8") ($5.25) In Stock
 11/64" (FL:2-1/8" OV:3-1/4") ($5.80) In Stock
 3/16" (FL:2-5/16" OV:3-1/2") ($6.08) In Stock
 13/64" (FL:2-7/16" OV:3-5/8") ($6.44) In Stock
 7/32" (FL:2-1/2" OV:3-3/4") ($6.85) In Stock
 15/64" (FL:2-5/8" OV:3-7/8") ($7.06) In Stock
 1/4" (FL:2-3/4" OV:4") ($8.11) In Stock
 17/64" (FL:2-7/8" OV:4-1/8") ($8.11) In Stock
 9/32" (FL:2-15/16" OV:4-1/4") ($8.88) In Stock
 19/64" (FL:3-1/16" OV:4-3/8") ($9.44) In Stock
 5/16" (FL:3-3/16" OV:4-1/2") ($9.65) In Stock
 21/64" (FL:3-5/16" OV:4-5/8") ($10.27) In Stock
 11/32" (FL:3-7/16" OV:4-3/4") ($11.39) In Stock
 23/64" (FL:3-1/2" OV:4-7/8") ($12.17) In Stock
 3/8" (FL:3-5/8" OV:5") ($12.51) In Stock
 25/64" (FL:3-3/4" OV:5-1/8") ($13.98) In Stock
 13/32" (FL:3-7/8" OV:5-1/4") ($14.19) In Stock
 27/64" (FL:3-15/16" OV:5-3/8") ($15.09) In Stock
 7/16" (FL:4-1/16" OV:5-1/2") ($15.65) In Stock
 29/64" (FL:4-3/16" OV:5-5/8") ($17.48) In Stock
 15/32" (FL:5-5/16" OV:5-3/4") ($17.61) In Stock
 31/64" (FL:4-3/8" OV:5-7/8") ($18.59) In Stock
 1/2" (FL:4-1/2" OV:6") ($22.10) In Stock
Brad point bits cut clean holes in wood and have a center point so you can accurately start the drill where it is supposed to go. The center point is long and precisely ground for angled drilling. These are top quality drill bits that are made in the USA by Fuller. We not only stock the typical sizes we also stock a lot of sizes in 1/64 increments. The bits are available individually or in steel boxed sets. The numbers in parenthesis are the flute length followed by the overall length.

Bit sets have precision ground shanks of smaller diameter on the larger size bits (either 1/4" or 3/8" as noted) to fit a wider range of drill chucks including the Festool CSX and many smaller hand drills. ALL bits sold individually have a shank size equal to their cutting diameter.

Note: Fuller does not manufacture a 1/16" brad point. Therefore in the steel drill cases supplied with the larger sets that spot is left open and not counted.

Fuller drill bits are Made in the USA.
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High Quality
By: Matt (Jun, 2013)
I own the fuller countersinks, so when I finally realized it was time for a great set of brad point bits, I also went with Fuller. The quality of these bits is top notch, they come from the factory very sharp and bore quickly and cleanly. Every bit is dipped in wax from the factory and the metal case is also U.S. made! Yes, they are more expensive than other options, but if you want an excellent product and take pride in supporting U.S. manufacturers, than these are for you!
I own this product.

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