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Real Milk Paint Outdoor Additive

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Real Milk Paint Co.
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Outdoor Additive is a very finely ground borax compound that enables milk paint to withstand outdoor elements like sun, rain and snow -- minus the toxic chemicals that traditional outdoor paints often contain. Keep your painted tables, chairs, etc. looking vibrant and durable! The Outdoor Additive helps to: Block tannin stains, particularly on certain woods such as pine and cedar. Protect from damaging U.V. rays which can warp furniture and fade colors. Prevent mold growth. Inhibit bacterial growth. Increase resistance to flames Suitable for exterior porous surfaces such as wood, concrete and stucco. Do not use over existing paint. Real Milk Paint recommends that you allow a painted outdoor project to dry completely after painting and keep it undisturbed under a covered area for two weeks to enable the paint to harden. Contains 1 cup of powder. Use in the following ratios: 1 cup Outdoor Additive to 1 gallon Real Milk Paint.1/4 cup Outdoor Additive to 1 quart of Real Milk Paint. 1/8 cup Outdoor Additive per 1 pint of Real Milk Paint. Add the Outdoor Additive after you have mixed the Milk Paint powder with water. 8 oz size Made in the USA.

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