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Real Milk Paint Finishing Cream

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Real Milk Paint Co.
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 Finishing Cream - Gloss 8 oz. ($24.00) In Stock
 Finishing Cream - Gloss 16 oz. ($32.99) In Stock
 Finishing Cream - Gloss 32 oz. ($58.99) In Stock
 Finishing Cream - Low Sheen 8 oz. ($24.00) In Stock
 Finishing Cream - Low Sheen 16 oz. ($32.99) In Stock
 Finishing Cream - Low Sheen 32 oz. ($58.99) In Stock
 Finishing Cream - Dead Flat 8 oz. ($24.00) In Stock
 Finishing Cream - Dead Flat 16 oz. ($32.99) In Stock
 Finishing Cream - Dead Flat 32 oz. ($58.99) In Stock
Finishing Creams by Real Milk Paint provide a protective, washable, clear-finish top coat with no odors and a low VOC formulation. They’re water-based, environmentally friendly and clean up with soap and water. Use the Finishing Cream to enhance and protect your wood, to impart subtle depth to your painted wood or to prevent mute blemishes and bleed through before painting.

The Finishing Creams glide on when applied with a damp rag, brush, roller or sponge.. Dries quickly and can be washed after 24 hours. The more you use the silkier the feel of your finished project.

Coverage: 8 oz covers 25 to 35 sq. ft. 16 oz. covers 50 to 70 sq. ft. 32 oz. covers 100 to 140 sq. ft. Dead Flat is complete matte; Low Sheen gives a slight luster; and Gloss a glow. Dries to a clear finish that does not alter the surface color. Dead Flat is not recommended over black color paints.

Made in the USA.

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