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Pointy - The 3 Point Tool by Ashley Iles

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Found in Departments: Parting and Beading Tools
Pointy - The 3 Point Tool by Ashley IlesPointy - The 3 Point Tool by Ashley Ilescancelleft arrowright arrow
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One of the simplest turning tools - a round bar ground on the end with a three-sided pyramid - is also one that you may find among the most useful you own. It can cut small beads, skew across long grain work, make decorative "V" cuts on bowls, and trim up endgrain on the shoulder of boxes. Especially good on dense, hard timber. To sharpen each face of the pyramid should be gently touched up on a grinder wheel or stone.

This tool is one of the oldest known in woodturning. It was first mentioned by Holtzapffel, one of the most important woodworking writers of all time, who in the 19th century wrote about turning boxwood, ivory and other very hard materials with the tool (and the tool itself dates even older than that). It was resurrected from obscurity by Bill Jones, one of the last professional ivory turners, who wrote extensively on turning for the English "Woodturning" magazine. (As an aside, Bill Jones's books, "Notes from the Turning Shop", are masterpieces well worth your time if you can get hold of them.)

Except where noted all tools are made of high speed steel (HSS) and are sold handled. Tony Iles hand finishes each and every turning tool himself and is proud that every tool is shipped with its surfaces ground and edges broken. These are tools that will feel wonderful in the hand, with a heft makes them feel very solid - a real aid in turning. All the tools are shipped sharp and ready to use, although we fully expect many of you to customize the grinds to your particular working methods.

For more information on Ashley Iles - tools in the old tradition, Click here. All Ashley Iles Tools are made in England.

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