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Sets of Palm Handled Carving Tools by Ashley Iles

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Found in Departments: Ashley Iles - Block Cutters (Palm Tools)
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 Boxed Set of 6 Mixed - (Bird Carving Set) ($185.95) In Stock
 Set of 6 Straight ($175.45) In Stock
 Set of 6 Curved ($196.45) In Stock
Block Cutting tools, or as they are called in England, "American Palm Cutting Tools," are very popular with American carvers because their small size is perfect for detail work on caricature and decoy carvings. Palm tools are also perfect for wood block carving. We sell the palm tools individually, or in the sets below. Like all our Ashley Iles tools, they are shipped sharp and ready to use.

We have three sets. The first mixed set, originally designed for bird carvers, is far and away everyone�s favorite. It contains the following tools: Straight gouge: 1/4 x7, 1/4 x 9, Straight "V" tool: 1/16" x 41, Straight Skew 3/16" x 2A, Curved Gouge: 3/8 x 18, and a 3/4 Ray Gonzalez hooked skew.

The straight set contains these tools: Gouges: 1/4 x 7, 3/8 x 6 , 3/8 x 9, 1/2 x 6, "V" Tools: 1/8x39 , 1/4 x39.

The curve set contains these tools: Curved Gouges: 1/4x16, 3/8 x 15, 3/8 x 18, 1/2 x 15, Curved "V" Tools: 1/8 x 40, 1/4 x 40

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