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Chris Pye 2 1/2 Gouges by Ashley Iles

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Chris Pye 2 1/2 Gouges by Ashley IlesChris Pye 2 1/2 Gouges by Ashley Ilescancelleft arrowright arrow
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Chris Pye is an internationally acclaimed carver and carving teacher (see below for a selection of his books) who likes smoothing his carvings with carving tools. "Finishing from the tools gives me a level, subtlety and individuality of expression that is not available to me when I sand," he writes. Because he wanted a very flat gouge, flatter than a modern No. 3, but still with a slight curve - he approached Barry Iles of the Ashley Iles factory to make him a custom tool. The No. 2 1/2 finishing gouges that resulted from this request are now available to all carvers, who will appreciate the tool's special features: the thinness of its blade, flatness of sweep and inner bevel. The inner bevel in particular enhances the utility of the tool, since you can use the gouge both normally and upside down. Pye says that he was "very pleased with the way that Barry worked to get exactly what I wanted," resulting in a set of tools that "are just the job for slicing cuts, inside bevels and finishing from the edge." (All quotes from Wood Carving Magazine, Nov/Dec 2002.)

Click here for a detailed downloadable instruction booklet by Chris Pye on using these gouges.

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By: Brian Szetela (Apr, 2021)
I purchased a Chris Pye 2 1/2 gouge 1 inch wide several months ago. It is a beautiful tool sharp enough out of the package to easily pare through pencil sized knots in black birch that would stop my drawknife. I use a slicing, skewed cut I read about in Mr. Pye's writings. I am making a "democratic chair" from a tree using Curtis Buchanan's plan- this tool makes it a lot easier. I have purchased other Ashley and Ray Iles tools. I own this product.
I own this product.
By: Kim (Mar, 2018)
If you want a smooth tool finish these are what you want. I couldn't be happier with the quality of the Ashley Isles tools and the customer service from Tools for Working Wood.
I own this product.
By: David Smith (Oct, 2015)
I have owned this set of tools for 10 years and am an accomplished woodcarver with about 200 gouges, etc. The quality of the tools is the finest of all that I own and use. They have the heft to do their job and they hold an edge better than any other gouge that I have.
I own this product.

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