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Ray Gonzalez Hooked Skew

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 Short Stemmed - 15mm ($41.95) In Stock
 Short Stemmed - 19mm ($41.95) In Stock
Long Stemmed - 15mm ($50.95) Not available
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 Long Stemmed - 19mm ($50.95) In Stock
Ray Gonzalez is one of England's leading ornamental carvers, with work collected by museums and palaces all over the world. As you would expect, his work is intricate and rich in detail, and hard on tools! Ray Gonzalez worked with the Ashley Iles factory to design a carving tool that would meet his needs for carving detail in confined spaces. The skew comes in two widths (5/8" and 3/4") and in either a palm tool version with a short shaft, or a longer version with a longer shaft on an octagonal handle. You can use it as a knife - for example to shape the beak of a bird sculpture; as a skew chisel on a shallow relief; or use the points of a blade to scribe a line. The narrow stem gives you complete visibility when you cut. It's a very flexible tool suitable for sculpture, relief and decoy carving, and a very precise one. Packed razor-sharp.
"A true expression of craftsmanship ... such a delight to use ... it could well become everyone's pet ... the tools come easily to hand in a most positive manner, and I found they inspired confidence ... made me feel I was about to do some great work!" - From a Woodcarving magazine test report of the Ray Gonzalez skew (Woodcarving No. 49, p. 15)<.i>
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By: Jose E. Maldonado (Sep, 2020)
Excellent tools I purchased the 15 mm set, sharp right out of the package just light stropping and started to carve. Just be very alert as to how you pick up the tool almost cut myself for not being alert... SUCCESS!!!
I own this product.
By: Frank Quaratiello (Jul, 2019)
What a remarkable tool. I am retired and working wood everyday. This tool is really making a difference.
I own this product.
Relief carver
By: Clancy Smith (Jun, 2017)
Keep up the good work guys. Ashley Iles tools are the only brand in my tool box and are the best carving tools made for my money.
By: Thomas Curran (Feb, 2017)
Love at first sight ! I ordered the only tool that was not sold out . which arrived today and was immediately put to the test . Awesome is a word I feel is over used but it fits as a description of this little gem . If I was limited to only a few carving knives the Ray Gonzalez Hooked Skew would be in the line up .
I own this product.

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