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Ashley Iles No. 4 Straight Gouges

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Found in Departments: Ashley Iles - Individual Gouges (Sweeps 3 and 4)
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Code: IL-4.XX
No. 4 Straight Gouge-1/16" ($40.95) Not available
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 No. 4 Straight Gouge-3/32" ($38.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-1/8" ($38.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-3/16" ($39.95) In Stock
No. 4 Straight Gouge-1/4" ($39.95) Not available
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No. 4 Straight Gouge-5/16" ($39.95) Not available
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 No. 4 Straight Gouge-3/8" ($39.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-7/16" ($39.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-1/2" ($39.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-5/8" ($39.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-3/4" ($43.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-7/8" ($43.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-1" ($43.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-1-1/4" ($54.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-1-1/2" ($54.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-2" ($70.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-2-3/8" ($87.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge-3" ($104.95) In Stock
These no. 4 straight gouges are made by Ashley Iles (Edge Tools) Ltd. of England. A number 4 gouge is pretty flat with only a slight curvature. Click here for more information on Ashley Iles tools.

If you purchase six or more individual Ashley Iles carving tools, you are entitled to a discount. The discount is automatic and will show up as an entry in your basket.

Click here for a guide to the different types of carving tools.

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