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American Pattern Beveled Edge Chisels by Ashley Iles

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Ashley Iles - Carving, Turning & Bench Chisels
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American Pattern Beveled Edge Chisels by Ashley Iles - A Visit to Ashley Iles pt. 1: Forgingplay video
American Pattern Beveled Edge Chisels by Ashley Iles - A Visit to Ashley Iles pt. 2: Grindingplay video

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 1/8" wide ($48.95) In Stock
1/4" wide ($39.95) Not available
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 3/8" wide ($41.95) In Stock
 1/2" wide ($44.95) In Stock
 5/8" wide ($44.95) In Stock
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 7/8" wide ($47.95) In Stock
 1" wide ($48.95) In Stock
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 2" wide ($82.95) In Stock
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Standard set of 6 (1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1") ($254.32) Not available
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The American Pattern Chisels by Ashley Iles are short, well balanced chisels with a thin edged blade profile that fits into tight corners and dovetails with ease. A forged bolster and tang, with a precisely ground beveled edge profile, on the blade made of 01 tools steel provide a solid, precise, and maintainable tool that with a service life measured in decades. The bubinga handle is short and comfortable and perfectly matches the bubinga handles of the Ashley Iles MK2 Bench chisels.

Ashley Iles American Pattern Chisels improve on the traditional design of butt chisels, with a more refined handle shape, and a sweet, low profile blade with sides that taper from 1/16" to less than 1/32" at the tip. These improvements to the design of the typical butt chisel are substantial enough that we call these chisels "American Pattern Bevel Edged Chisels" in reference to their similarity to some of the more popular classic American chisels the used to be manufactured here in the states.

A smaller size of the American Pattern allows for a handle that is especially easy to grasp and control. The short over all length, (7 1/2" for widths 1" and under, and 9 1/4" for widths over 1") makes the chisels suited to smaller work, or smaller hands. The 2 5/8" usable blade length is plenty long for standard joinery.

A tool is a reflection of its maker. Ashley Iles is owned and run by Barry and Tony Iles, who leaned their trade from their father Ashley, while growing up in and around the workshops of Sheffield England. Their experience and expertise in tool making is apparent through out their line of Edge tools, and the American Pattern Chisels are no different. One example of the traditional skills employed at the Ashley Iles works, is the expertly hand ground back of the chisel, which has a few thousandths of an inch of hollow. The nearly imperceptible hollow makes the back easier to polish at the cutting edge without the need for hours of flattening. The O1 tool steel blade, hardened to 61 HRC will sharpen beautifully to a razor edge using water, diamond, or oil stones.

Ashley Iles American Pattern Chisels are made in England.

Ashley Iles (Edge Tools) Ltd. is a small, family-run company based in a small town in bucolic Lincolnshire, England. Ashley Iles was a patternmaker who started his firm in 1949; today his sons Barry and Tony continue to run the business. (Ashley's eldest son, Raymond, also continues the family tradition of toolmaking, and you might recognize his name on the Excellent D2 Mortise chisels we sell). Thanks to the quality of Ashley Iles chisels, carving tools and woodturning tools this small firm enjoys an international reputation. Although the book is sadly out of print, before his passing, Ashley Iles wrote a fascinating autobiography about how he came to found Ashley Iles Edge Tools Ltd. and the surrounding history and context of Sheffield's industrial roots. If you can get your hands on a copy of Memories of a Sheffield Tool Maker it is an excellent read.

At the Ashley Iles Works you are more likely to find Barry and Tony in the workshop making tools, than working a keyboard. At English woodworking shows customers are continually amazed that the salesman taking the orders (usually Barry) is not only a company director, but is fully capable of personally forging and grinding any of the tools made by the firm. When we visited the Ashely Iles works in 2012 we shot video footage of the Ashley Iles workshop, including several minutes of Tony Iles working at 3 foot diameter grinding wheel spinning at a surface speed of over 60 miles per hour, while grinding the bevel of a thumbnail turning gouge free-hand. (You can watch the videos in the product media viewer.)

Ashley Iles operates in a tradition that is bound by quality, and authenticity, backed up by a lifetime guarantee on each and every tool they make. They are one of the last remaining companies to employ the traditional skills, and methods that made Sheffield's name synonymous with quality, and we are proud to support them.

A good choice for anyone that wants a well made, well balanced butt style chisel... I’ve been using them all week in a variety of different applications and hardwoods and so far they’ve lived up to all of my expectations.
- Unplugged Workshop
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Good chisel
By: Napavine woodworking (Aug, 2023)
I own a lot of chisels. All brands up to the veritas and lie Nielson. This set of chisels are in my eyes the same as the brands named above. The key is that you have to flatten and sharpen all chisels before use. I thank my wife for buying this set for me, they are very good chisels. And yes I own a set.
I own this product.
Excellent chisels
By: Nathan (Jul, 2020)
I bought a 1 1/4" chisel and it was a bit heavier than I expected and the edge would chip and roll. I tried a 7/8" one and it is amazing. It is very nimble and easy to handle. The steel in this chisel does not chip. It is my favorite chisel.
I own this product.
Great Chisels - When They're Square
By: Clay (Dec, 2019)
I have a few Ashley Iles MK2s, one of which I discovered the cutting edge to be so far out of square that it was noticeable at a distance. It also had a curve to the entire body, almost as if the steel were bent and then mounted in the handle askew. TFWW instantly sent out an inspected replacement with return label. The process was a dream - thanks for making it so easy! These chisels are fantastic.
I own this product.
Steel hardness
By: John (Dec, 2019)
I own these chisels. I can attest to the fact that they initially chip easily, but there is a very valid reason for that. It keeps them affordable, as all high quality tools are heat treated and must be sharpened past the layer where the temper is removed by machining. If they did this for you... by hand, as you must do, it would probably double the cost. So, if you want to know how sweet these really are,
I own this product.
By: GS Passmore (Aug, 2019)
Bought an 1 1/2" first time really using it to chisel some black walnut and the edge chipped like crazy the whole way across. They seem way too brittle. Nice looking but can't hold up to actual work. I don't recommend this product.
I own this product.
By: Randy Bennett (Apr, 2019)
I love it
By: james (Dec, 2015)
cani please get a email when the 1/4 and 1/8 American pattern chisels are available as I have been checking for quite some time now and was wondering if I just keep mossing them instock so please get back to me
Good Chisel but gotta watch quality control
By: Randy (Dec, 2013)
Nice chisels, decent steel (though the 1" needed to be sharpened a few times before reaching the harder steel, initially chipped easily). Of the set of 4, 3 were returned due to the edges being out of square, one so much so that it looked like a skew chisel. TFWW was excellent in sending out inspected replacements-very pleased! Nice for detail work.
I own this product.
Good chisel after flattening the back
By: Tom (Mar, 2013)
The backs of these chisels needed quite a bit of lapping to get them flat, but once there they have been used regularly in my shop. The chisels hold their edges well and if honed before they dull they keep cutting through large projects.
I own this product.
Almost the perfect chisel
By: Art Kieres (Mar, 2013)
I've owned these chisels for years and they are amazing. Great steel and the small size is more comfortable to use even though I have large hands. These are the go to set in the shop and are used every day. We also have the Mk2's by Ashley Isles and I wish the sides of these were ground thinner like those are, but I like that these blades seem to be a bit thicker so maybe that's not possible... Highly recommended!
I own this product.

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