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The Gramercy Tools 14" Sash Saw

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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 The Gramercy Tools 14" Sash Saw ($375.00) Sold Out
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 The Gramercy Tools 14" Sash Saw and a 9" Dovetail Saw Set ($679.25) Sold Out
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 The Gramercy Tools Full Backsaw Set containing: 1 each of: 14" Sash Saw, 12" X-Cut Carcase Saw, 12" Rip Carcase Saw, and a 9" Dovetail Saw. ($1334.55) Sold Out
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From the late 18th until the mid 19th century the two most common backsaws found in a joiner's toolbag would be a dovetail saw and a sash saw. The dovetail saw would be filed with fleam so that it could be used for all small work, not just dovetailing, and the sash saw would be used for everything else. In the modern shop with both power and hand tools saw we prefer a dedicated dovetail saw because a pure rip saw does an easier job at dovetailing, and for most larger work a pair of carcase saws works great. However for larger tenons the carcase saws are just not deep enough, and for the occasional back saw user a pair of carcase saws (rip and crosscut) reflect a fair investment. We are pleased to offer a 14" sash saw with a traditional combination filing for both ripping or crosscutting. This saw will be perfect for just about anything sawing you need to do in the shop except where you need a panel saw to cut long boards where a backed saw would get in the way.

The Gramercy Tools Sash saw is probably the lightest big backsaw on the current market. We made it light so that it is easier to use and the lightness means it is easier to sense the position of the blade. It's a closed handled saw so that it can take more force than the open handles used on smaller saws. We are also very pleased at the elegance of the handle, with its subtle detailing and carefully done lamb's tongue. On our saw the lamb's tongue doesn't touch the blade, it just licks it lightly, in a graceful motion, and isn't painfully cut by the blade. For all that our handles are machine made we think we have sculpted in more elegance than seen on a lot of hand made handles. The blade is canted for maximum utility. There is a traditional acid etch logo on the side of the blade. Like all the saws in the Gramercy Tools line this saw is hammer set and hand filed which gives it a far smoother cutting action (after it breaks in with a little use).

Length of blade 14", 13ppi, depth of cut at the toe 2.87" depth of cut at the heel 3.29". 5 degree's negative rake and 7 degrees fleam. Plate thickness: .020". Closed handle made of American Black Walnut. Hand finished, folded brass back. Saw teeth are hand filed and hammer set. Made in USA.
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Sash saw
By: VP (Apr, 2016)
Amazing saw!!!!!. I just received it and made tenon and mortising joint. Also used it to make dovetail joint. I have used other high end saws and let me tell nothing matches Gramercy sash saw!!!! Please keep up the good work and continue making beautiful saw like this for generation to come. Thx
I own this product.
WOW. Couldn't be happier.
By: Will (Oct, 2015)
This saw is absolutely amazing. I love using this saw, it's perfect. I don't often feel compelled to write reviews, but I also am not often as pleased with a purchase & it's hands down the best saw i've ever used, and far outperforms my Lie-Nielsens. I also need to shout out to Brendan and Noah for their great customer service at the showroom. Made me feel even better my purchases, knowing who and where these wonderful tools come from. Keep up the good work, I'll be back asap.
I own this product.
By: Max (Jul, 2014)
Utterly perfect. The more I use it, the more I like it. Don't change a thing.
I own this product.
Outstanding saw
By: Guillaume (Dec, 2013)
Please apology my poor english... This is really an outstanding saw. I do had previous experience with also excellent backsaw, namely Bad Axe and Wenzloff and sons. Compared to sash from the other makers, this one have a very distinctive personality, by having a very thin kerf and being so lightweight. It rip and crosscut smoothly and efficiently. The deep of cut is wide enough but not overkill, making it able to handle 99% of my tenons cuts. It also shine in small jobs. In fact, as odd as it sound, its work quite well cutting dovetails in medium sized stock (5/8 - 3/4 inch). Having only one saw to own, this would certainly be it. But I'll keep telling my wife I needed all the other ones too... My sincere appreciation to the craftsmen who build this saw, particularly to the skilled person who sharpen it.
I own this product.
Restored 14" sash saw
By: Chris Kenney (Jun, 2013)
My name is Chris Kenney. I purchased a 14" sash saw about 2 months ago. Approximately 3 weeks ago, a contractor who was doing some plumbing work around my workbench and accidentally spilled solder flux all over my saw face. The saw face was full of black hardened flux. I thought the saw was ruined. I called Gramercy and talked to Tim Corbett and explained what happened. He told me to send him the saw and he would look at it. I sent the saw back to Gramercy and a couple of days later I got a call saying the saw was ready. I really was not expecting much. When I opened the box, the saw was wrapped like a brand new saw. The entire saw face was clear and there was no trace of any damage. To say the least, I was very happy with the result. All I can say is great customer service, This is an heirloom tool to be passed down to your sons. I was even thinking of selling the damaged saw on E bay and buying a new saw. By the way, the saw cuts like a dream. I will be buying more product from Gramercy tools! 5 stars
I own this product.
Very Happy with This Saw
By: Jason (Mar, 2013)
I bought this saw to replace two underperforming custom made backsaws. The Gramercy sash saw is now my favorite saw. It is easy to start, yet still cuts aggressively and accurately. It easily takes the place of a tenon saw and a carcass saw and the cut surface is very smooth. Buy one and use it for the rest of your life. It's worth the investment.
I own this product.
I had no idea a saw could cut like this
By: Chris (Mar, 2013)
I've been looking for the best all-around backsaw for some time now. I finally decided on the Gramercy Sash saw and I couldn't be happier. This saw is not cheap and I deliberated for a while before I purchased it, I can honestly say it's worth every penny. It crosscuts wicked fast and rips like a dedicated ripsaw. This is a beautiful saw and its performance is even more striking.
I own this product.

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