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Festool Work Center WCR 1000

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Festool Work Center WCR 1000 - T-Loc (577253) alt="Festool Work Center WCR 1000 - T-Loc (577253)"cancel Festool Work Center WCR 1000 - T-Loc (577253) ($459.00) In Stock
Rotary shelf for WCR (#497472) alt="Rotary shelf for WCR (#497472)"cancel Rotary shelf for WCR (#497472) ($130.20) In Stock
 Spray Gun Hook (#498361) ($71.00) Sold Out
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Double hook for tool rest (#497474) alt="Double hook for tool rest (#497474)"cancel Double hook for tool rest (#497474) ($71.00) Sold Out
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single prong hook for "pegboard" (#497475) alt="single prong hook for "pegboard" (#497475)"cancel single prong hook for "pegboard" (#497475) ($28.00) In Stock
Fastener to attach hooks to profile (#497476) alt="Fastener to attach hooks to profile (#497476)"cancel Fastener to attach hooks to profile (#497476) ($14.00) In Stock
Shelf that mounts no "pegboard" (#497477) alt="Shelf that mounts no "pegboard" (#497477)"cancel Shelf that mounts no "pegboard" (#497477) ($65.00) Sold Out
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Since the Festool vacs were introduced, a standard way of working has been to take a vac, attach a Systainer or two of tools accessories to the vac and use the setup as a rolling workstation for a specific group of tasks. The CT Workcenter takes this idea to a new level and provides a means for turning your Festool vacuum into an organized workspace where everything is close at hand.

The CT Workcenter can be mounted easily to all of Festool's larger Dust Extractors (it does not fit on the CT Mini or CT Midi), and be configured with tool hooks, accessory hooks and shelves - all of which could be configured for the particular job. With proper mounts, like those included in the CT Workcenter, you can set up a rolling workstation where the tools won't accidentally fall off and where the person using the workstation can work easily without a separate place to assemble tools. This means that you can roll up a CT Workcenter to a project, and instantly know you have everything needed for the job without having to make a series of trips back and forth to the tool bins for miscellaneous accessories and things. By the same token, when you are done you can wheel everything back, knowing that all the equipment needed is still in one place. The savings in setup and tear down time is just as important as the savings in frustration in not having everything in the right place at the right time.

The CT Workcenter has numerous options for hanging an assortment of tools and accessories, plus height adjustable columns, allowing for easy storage of task-specific Systainers, keeping critical items within arm's reach.

Note: Does not fit the CT Mini and CT Midi vacuums. Comes with: Base Unit; Rotary Shelf; Universal Double Hook; Double Hook for Tool Rest; Profile Key Fastener (to attach hooks to profile); Adjustable Shelf; and a single Pegboard Hook. Systainers, tools, and accessories are not included with the base model.

Weight: 22.5 lbs (10.2 kg)
Overall length: 41-11/32" (1050 mm)
Base plate length: 23-5/8" (600 mm)
Width: 14-1/4" (362 mm)
Min. Height: 21-15/32" (545 mm)
Max. Height: 30-29/32" (785 mm)
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