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FESTOOL Vacuum Replacement Adapters, Reducing Sleeves and Plugs

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FESTOOL Vacuum Replacement Adapters, Reducing Sleeves and PlugsFESTOOL Vacuum Replacement Adapters, Reducing Sleeves and Plugscancelleft arrowright arrow
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 Hose connection 36-27 Hose Reducer (#768135) ($33.00) In Stock
 Adjustable-Flow Connecting Sleeve for 27mm Hoses (#577162) ($33.00) In Stock
 Rotating adapter D50, CT (#452896) ($35.00) In Stock
 Rotating adapter D27 AS, CT (#452892) ($30.00) In Stock
 Festool Rotating Angle Adapter D27 DAG90-AS/CT pre-2019 Mini/Midi (#499907) ($30.00) In Stock
 Reducing sleeve D27, CT (#202346) ($31.00) In Stock
 Reducing sleeve D 36/32 DM-AS (#500671) ($30.00) In Stock
 Suction adapter D50/D36, CT (#452897) ($19.00) In Stock
 Blanking Plug for CT 22 and CT 33 Dust Extractors (#452899) ($19.00) In Stock
 Connector sleeve D50/36/27, CT (#493047) ($23.00) In Stock
 Anti-Static Y-Piece with Blanking Plug(#452898) ($48.00) In Stock
 Rotating Adapter D 27 DAG90-AS/CT(#202505) ($33.00) In Stock
 Coupling sleeve D 36 DM-AS/CT(#500670) ($30.00) In Stock
 Coupling sleeve D 36 DM-AS/CT(#204920) ($32.00) In Stock
 Rotating adapter D 32 DAG-AS/CT(#204919) ($33.00) Sold Out
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 Rotating adapter D 32 DAG-AS/CT(#500672) ($30.00) In Stock
These Festool replacement parts can be used to replaced damaged parts or to create new new custom sized hoses from longer lengths.

The Reducing Sleeves enable you to match a larger tool flange with a smaller diameter hose.

The Rotating adapters attach Festool hoses to the inlet of CT Dust Extractors.

Connecting sleeve 577162 allows you to individually set the air flow rate using the infinitely adjustable bypass, with an Integrated bayonet fitting the prevents the suction hose from slipping off the power tool.

Banking plugs are used as a placeholder for your hose during storage or transport, keeping dust where it belongs

The Y-Adapter allows you to connect two suction hoses at once to your vacuum.

Locking adapters prevent the hose from twisting.

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