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Festool Barrel Grip PS 300 EQ Trion in Systainer³ (#576039) alt="Festool Barrel Grip PS 300 EQ Trion in Systainer³ (#576039)"cancel Festool Barrel Grip PS 300 EQ Trion in Systainer³ (#576039) ($299.00) In Stock
Festool D Grip  PSB 300 EQ-Plus in Systainer³ (#576049) alt="Festool D Grip  PSB 300 EQ-Plus in Systainer³ (#576049)"cancel Festool D Grip PSB 300 EQ-Plus in Systainer³ (#576049) ($299.00) In Stock
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CT Midi HEPA Vacuum (#574837) alt="CT Midi HEPA Vacuum (#574837)"cancel CT Midi HEPA Vacuum (#574837) ($659.00) In Stock
CT 48 E HEPA (#574938) alt="CT 48 E HEPA (#574938)"cancel CT 48 E HEPA (#574938) ($840.00) Sold Out
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Multifunction Table MFT/3 (#495315) alt="Multifunction Table MFT/3 (#495315)"cancel Multifunction Table MFT/3 (#495315) ($775.00) In Stock
Multifunction Table MFT/3 - Basic  (#500608) alt="Multifunction Table MFT/3 - Basic  (#500608)"cancel Multifunction Table MFT/3 - Basic (#500608) ($675.00) In Stock
Mobile workshop MW 1000 Complete (Basic unit + Extension Table) #(203802) alt="Mobile workshop MW 1000 Complete (Basic unit + Extension Table) #(203802)"cancel Mobile workshop MW 1000 Complete (Basic unit + Extension Table) #(203802) ($749.00) Sold Out
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Mobile workshop MW 1000 Basic (cart + pullout drawer) #(203454) alt="Mobile workshop MW 1000 Basic (cart + pullout drawer) #(203454)"cancel Mobile workshop MW 1000 Basic (cart + pullout drawer) #(203454) ($539.00) In Stock
MFT/3-Mini Table (#495465) alt="MFT/3-Mini Table (#495465)"cancel MFT/3-Mini Table (#495465) ($549.00) In StockShipping surcharges may apply
Parallel stop, PS (#490119) alt="Parallel stop, PS (#490119)"cancel Parallel stop, PS (#490119) ($41.00) In Stock
Circle Cutter, PS (#490118) alt="Circle Cutter, PS (#490118)"cancel Circle Cutter, PS (#490118) ($41.00) Sold Out
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Guide stop, PS300 (#490031) alt="Guide stop, PS300 (#490031)"cancel Guide stop, PS300 (#490031) ($24.00) In Stock
Splinterguard 5x, PS300 (#490120) alt="Splinterguard 5x, PS300 (#490120)"cancel Splinterguard 5x, PS300 (#490120) ($12.00) In Stock
Splinterguard 20x, PS300 (#490121) alt="Splinterguard 20x, PS300 (#490121)"cancel Splinterguard 20x, PS300 (#490121) ($29.00) In Stock
 Chip Guard, repl., PS300 (#453491) ($3.99) In Stock
Next door to our showroom is a wholesale manufacturer of window dressings and there is a constant parade of sub-contractors who make all the valences, frames, and other bits and pieces of the final window treatment. While they wait for the freight elevator they sometimes wonder into our showroom to pass the time. One day a guy stops by, his Bosch jigsaw died and he had a friend call him by cellphone from Home Depot where he was going to pick up a replacement. But another person at the Depot said he should check out Festool so while he called the guy waiting for the elevator to inform him of such news and to browse around while waiting. He poked around the display, picked up a jigsaw, thought it seemed to be built right and then asked the price. We revived him and then he wanted to know why it was so expensive. The best way to sell Festool is to put it into a customers hands so we set up the saw. To insert a blade you open a latch and drop in a blade, no tools or fuss required. The vacuum attachment is standard and just clips on the back. The customer (he had passed from being a browser to customer, took one cut in 3/4" ply and said "wow!!!" he had never gotten such a smooth cut, so effortlessly, with no dust, no burning, and with a tool that felt so solid in his hand. "I'll think about it- it's really too much money for me" he said. And the elevator door opened and he left. I started to put the saw back on the shelf and clean up. I didn't even get a chance to show him the 4 levels of pendulum motion that the saw has (for faster cutting), or the variable speed. He didn't do straight cuts so he probably wouldn't be a candidate for the guide rail system that integrates seamlessly with the jigsaw either. About five minutes later he returned waving a check.

About two days later he stopped by to get a few more blades, he was in awe of the system "I could cut two layers at once, perfectly straight, faster than ever before, and it turns corners on a dime! It's saving me hours in cutting time and most important in edge cleanup time. The edge is clean with no burning."

The tool models of jigsaw are the same except for the grip. Most people like the barrel grip (also known as a body grip) because the hand is closer to the work and the whole tool has a lower center of gravity. I have small hands and I feel more secure with my hand on a smaller, "D" handle.

Both tools have a carbide tipped jaws with a three-way blade guide and support for straight cuts, a splinter guard and either straight running and two orbital motion settings.

Package Includes:
The saw, 2 multipurpose wood saw blades, Chip guard, Splinter guard, Plug-it cord, Packed in a Systainer SYS3 M 137.

Power consumption: 720 Watts / 6 amps 120 v AC
Stroke rate (1"): 1000 - 2900 spm
Pendulum stroke adjustment: 4 stages
Bevel cuts: 0 - 45 degrees
Cutting depth in wood: 4 3/4" (120 mm)
Cutting depth in non-ferrous metals: 3/4" (20 mm)
Cutting depth in steel soft: 3/8" (10 mm)
Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
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